The Best Gas Grill Under $300 (Year 2019)

We all love to make a scrumptious meal and try to make new grilling recipesthat make our mouth water. Grilling has become an art and science for us. There are a plethora of options in the grilling that are convenient for quick cooking and make our food even more delicious.

A gas grill is one of it that has made our cooking easier and always proved to be our weeknight partner. As we love to make our guests mesmerized by the cooking of a grill that adds more flavor to our food with its burning flames.

Currently, many grills are available in the market ranging from few dollars to thousands of dollars. However, we should opt for the product that is affordable and efficient as well. We have tried to make a list of best gas grill under $300 that has potential to satisfy you with their performance.

Top 8 Best Gas Grill Under 300

1. Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Professional Quality

The product is an efficient choice and will give you a restaurant like cooking. It is super affordable having all the necessary character of a perfect gas grill. It is a 720sq inch of a grilling that has a flat top and has electrical ignition.

The product has one bottom shelf and two side shelves that can be used for either storing food or prepare it. It comes with four stainless steel burner that can be independently controlled and will provide you versatility in the cooking.

This gas grill is equally perfect from the breakfast to dinner.  The grill allows you to cook everything you want. It can cook the eggs and pancake to Teppanyaki style meal in a lesser time and ensure you with the better taste.


  • The product has a push button to start that is battery powered. That eliminates the need for matches, charcoal or anything else.
  • It has high portability as it has wheels and you can move it from the backyard to the campsite or anywhere else.
  • The grill is highly durable as it is made up with the black steel frames, whereas the burners with the high quality of stainless-steel.
  • It can be easily cleaned and assembled.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • The wheels may remove when you encounter them with high friction.

It is the worth buying item currently available in the market and can be called as the best gas grill under your budget due to its tremendous performance and useful features.

2. Dyna-Glo DGE Series Grill

The product has cool designs with high storage options. It is durable and enhances the variety of your cooking by ensuring the quality and healthiness.

Moreover, the grill has straight tube burners, and one side burner made up of stainless steel. It has a total power of 52,000 BTU. In addition, the grill has electronic ignition to ensure quick cooking.

Moreover, it has temperature gauges, and wheels to give it extra portability.  It also includes the three pieces of high gauges with four stainless steel warming racks and four heat tents as well.

Dyna-Glo premium cover is a separate accessory that you can buy to give extra protection to your grill.


  • The product has storage cart with two doors that are more convenient for the tank pull out tray.
  • It is a durable product with metallic finished.
  • Moreover, it comes with the integrated temperature gauge inside that measures the grill zone temperature.
  • It got a fabulous and unique appearance the bronzed metallic finished enhances its look.


  • The product gets rusted after some usage.
  • The grill has substantial weight and difficulty in handling.

The product is great in its range and gives you great grilling experience, but it does come with some drawbacks. By investing more or opting for the other alternatives you might get a better product.

3. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Propane Grill

The product has sleek styling with high performance. It has some unique aesthetics that add both the fun and functions to it. The product comes with a larger handle with extra side handles.

Moreover, knob system and front cradle. The one burner even provides 12,000 BTU-per-hour to gives the 280 square inch space for the cooking. The electronic ignition and burner value controller are some great features.

The product is a great combination of many useful features and equally beneficial for preparing the different type of food from breakfast to dinner. The product does not require any assembly it comes fully assembled.


  • The product is small and takes less space and therefore provides you with greater portability.
  • The cast and body are made up of the aluminum that makes it more reliable.
  • It has each burner control temperature system that aids in versatility in cooking.
  • Due to its smaller size 12,000 BTU-per-hour heat quickly makes all your food items.


  • When Comparing It to its size, it’s quite pricey.
  • It won’t allow your food more room for the cooking.

The product is a great deal to have due to its some of the phenomenal qualities. The product will surely not disappoint you with its feature and can nominate it as the best gas grill under your budget. Moreover, for sure it’s worth purchasing.

4. Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Gas Grill

The product has a classic and precious style and will take less space. The product comes with handy features that are quite impressive and forces you to go for it. It has three burners that will be delivering 36,000 total BTUs to 503 square inch cooking area.

That is high and consistent heat to such a small area, and this is the reason your food becomes, even more, yummier and delicious. The product has constructed in such a way that it has two walls upper lid that does not let the heat to escape and make your food to be cooked earlier Moreover keep it warm for a longer time if the burners are fully off. It has a push start button it means you do not require anything to start it.


  • It comes with the steel tent that is for the protection of the burners and the flavor of your food.
  • The grill has infinite valve control system to promote flexibility in your cooking.
  • The product is remarkably economical.
  • The two walls lid will conserve the heat and make your food juicier and crispier.


  • The product gets rusted after some years or months.
  • It has an intricate assembly.

The grill has some good and bad aspects as well. However, it won’t gives you that bad experience it will surely give you great experience but investing more you might have a better option.

5. Char-Broil TRU Infrared 450 Gas Grill

The grill is an amazing gift that wants a mid-range gas grill for their home or work. The product does come with some impressive features. It includes the top tube three burners that work for a long time and will always please you with the performance.

Furthermore, it has temperature control system and 450 square inches area for cooking the food. It will have a 10,000 BTU side burner. It’s a great way to fulfill your food needs fulfilled in quicker time as it has electronic ignition and will make all your food ready without taking more time and will add even more beauty to your cooking range.


  • A mid-range product makes all your cooking tasks done.
  • It has 150 square inch porcelain that is used to make your food warm.
  • Surefire electronic ignition is another feature that sparks every time you burn it.
  • It is affordable and of full features


  • The product is not durable and has not constructed with the high material.

The grill gives great value for your money when you compare it to the price. Moreover, it does have a potential to improve your cooking experience. Moreover, it is great in its price range, and you can add into the list of the best gas grill under your budget.

6. Char-Broil Infrared Cabinet Gas Grill

The gas burner possesses a novel design and comes with some beautiful and admirable features. It is for those that expect a high performing gas grill with premium functions but in impressive ways.

It has two gas burners while gates are made up of iron and burners with stainless steel. This beautiful gas grill comes with greater adjustability options according to the need of a cook and even satisfy the master griller with its performance.

It has push start for doing your cooking jobs to get done. Moreover, this super portable product will not require a larger space. It can be adjusted anywhere and will soon become your favorite item after you analyze its performance.


  • It has super smooth and small size. That makes it more attractive and useful.
  • It comes with lid mounted temperature scale.
  • Though it has small size still possesses a sufficient storage option.
  • The side shelves have folding options and infrared facility.


  • It only allows a small amount of food to cook.
  • Price is high upon comparing to its function.

The grill is worth having item providing all the premium duties of a gas grill with accelerated performance and high durability.  We can declare it to the best gas grill under your budget.

7. Weber 53060001 Q2000 Gas Grill

The grill has restyled with its previous version and has added more features and high performance. It may include many features that will surely satisfy your need at the fullest level.

Moreover, the product has electronic ignition, temperature adjustability option to add more flexibility in your cooking. It further possesses a significantly large handle with two sides other controls as well.

The body is made up of aluminum and burners with stainless steel. The product may not require any assembly. It has already assembled when you open the box.

Hence it is great for its price and will surely make you every food item juicier and yummier. The small size gas grill is ideal for small families.


  • Split grates for great combination of your cooking and higher performance
  • The ultra sleek design makes it more beautiful.
  • The product is affordable, and you can save some of your dollars.
  • The grill is highly portable due to its smaller size.


  • The product may have some durability issues.
  • The smaller size may not be equally beneficial for the big families.

The ultra-portable product may never disappoint you with its features. Moreover, it will keep serving you for a longer run. Comparing the grill to its size and price, it’s worth having and gives great value for your money.

8. Fuego Element F21C Gas Grill LP

The grill has a unique style that has designed by the former Apple chief designer and also the winner of Vesta’s Best Gas BBQ Moreover the Spark Design Award.

Furthermore, the product has an impressive appearance so is its features. It includes the electronic ignition. The product has small and compact structure, and it has hinged ranked storage option.

It has high mobility as it has super smooth fast wheels and you can easily clean whenever you want.

Moreover, it makes your food to cook earlier than ever before. The grill due to its innovative design and structure can be called as the best gas grill under your budget.


  • The superb and ultra-stylish design that makes your cooking experience more exciting.
  • You can heat it to up to 500F in just 5 minutes that means it’s super faster machine.
  • It comes with the 15 lb porcelain cast iron grate that is superb for providing your food massive heat.
  • The product has a small size, and you can easily move it from one place to another.


  • The product has a complex assembly.
  • Its size is smaller than its competitors.

If you to make an addition to your kitchen range with something new and innovative item, then you must go for this grill. It has many advanced options and a beautiful design. Moreover, it’s surely worth purchasing.


The article has written to help people in deciding the best gas grill under $300. So far we have tried to give an overview of gas grill and discussed the most trending products currently available in the market.

A gas grill is now the essential accessory for our home, so we have selected some outstanding grills to help you people in making the right purchasing verdict. You can opt for any gas grill that you think is satisfying your needs to the greater extent.