The Best Gas Grills Under $1000 (Year 2019)

There are days when you do not have time to spend with your kids because you come tired from the office each day. However, on the weekend you might wish to be with them and cook some delicious food as to be the best father or a mother.

That is how they can have fun and enjoy to the fullest. Moreover; it helps them to make good childhood memories too. In this regard, if you want to collect praises from your family then you must have two things: grilling recipes and one of the best gas grills under $1000.

Instead of feeding your little ones with the junk food, take care of their health and prepare the food that is light and nutritious.

However, do not worry about how you can make healthy food because below there are some gas grills available for you to cook a wholesome meal for your beloved family.

Top 8 Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars

1. Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Natural Gas Grill Review

The Weber has known to be the oldest company designed for cooking purpose. It contains three stainless steel burners along with the enough space for grilling. Weber spirit can ignite all the three burners as it has built with the particular ignite system i.e. electric crossover.

Not only this, but it also let you know about the quantity of fuel left in fuel gauge. For more flavors to the food, it possesses porcelain enameled angular favorite bar.

It features mounted thermometer for controlling the temperature and a greased tray located in the front that helps to maintain cleanliness. As far as the price of this gas grill it is bit pricey but have various benefits.


  • The size is appropriate for family’s grilling requirements.
  • The grill has a natural gas system in it.
  • Easily assembled. Even if you are not at good at techniques, you can join all the parts together, to begin with, the grilling.
  • User-friendly and everyone can use it easily as it starts quickly without putting much effort.


  • The Weber gas grill is of the core design, unlike other brands.
  • It can only use in homes because of its size.

If you are in search of a griller and your home has natural gas plumed then do not search more and buy the Weber Spirit gas grill now.

2. Broil King 922557 Baron S420 Gas Grill Review

The baron is another name when it comes to the best gas grills under your budget. Many of the readers will be eager to know which feature makes it worth buying.

It has the total of 40,000 BTUs from four burners that are of stainless steel as to distribute the heat evenly. The base of broil king has enclosed with dual doors to ensure storage and contain valves that flow in a linear direction that allows heat to travel straight to the end.

Like other gas grills it thermometer to check the temperature and a catch pan that also helps you to get rid of germs. The price of the baron s420 is less than other gas grills.


  • Easy to handle. You can install and remove its tank on your own.
  • It has additional side burner for indirect grilling.
  • The shelves of this product can fold, so it does not take much space.
  • It is reversible and heavy duty gas grill.
  • It comes with the detailed manual for your guidance.


  • Contains no gas gauge so you may not be aware of the fuel quantity.
  • It does not have the potential to heat evenly.

For people who want perfect gas grill in their budget but expect quality as well then so far it is not the bad option.

3. Broil King 923587 Baron S590 Gas Grill Review

Since Baron Company makes series of the equipment for grilling purpose and among those Broil King s590 is the popular one. The entire gas grill includes four primary burners, and shockingly it can produce up to 50,000 BTUs.

It does not end here because it also has another burner of 10,000 BTUs on the sides so that you can prepare side dishes. It also has a rotisserie kit adding more versatility to it.

On the top of it, this proffers 195 square inches of the rack for warming. For knowing your cooking progress, the broil king is built in with the temperature gauge.

In addition to this, the electronic ignition system makes the grill ready within no time, unlike the charcoal grills. The price range of this product is nominal according to its unique features.


  • The baron s590 allows the food to cook well as it has dual tube burners.
  • It has the natural gas option.
  • Can cook more quantity of food quickly.
  • Construction of this gas grill is stable to meet long term goals.
  • The cooking grates are of stains-less steel.


  • The side burners can take more power.
  • Not consistent on heating.

No doubt, it is different from various gas grills because of its features especially the rotisserie burner and enough space for grilling, so this is an excellent addition to your backyard.

4. Bull Outdoor Products 69009 Gas Grill Review

The 69009 is the smallest yet most affordable product of the Bull’s brand. The steer premium burner is a three burner gas grill with the removable warming rack.

All of the stainless steel burners put out 10,000 BTUs individually. Unlike the electronic ignition system, it comprises of piezo ignition that is most reliable of all, and it is the key feature of bull’s outdoor products.

The grill hoods of this type of gas grill is a single piece coated with a dual lining that helps you to grab the dish without getting hurt. Other than this, you can also find heavy duty thermometer in it to keep you updated.


  • It gives a high output of heat.
  • Provide full 304 stainless steel configuration.
  • You can carry it for outdoor parties because it is handy.
  • The smoker box that it contains will make you a pro at grilling.
  • Maintain quickly.


  • The cast stainless steel does not allow heat to spread evenly.
  • It does not have a long lifespan.

The bull’s products provide quality within reasonable price range so for outdoors it is one of the best gas grills under your budget.

5. Broil King Regal S420 Pro 4 Natural Gas Grill Review

The regal series has got some more style and capability as that of others. That will never fail to impress your guests because of its specifications. Again this gas grill comprises of four stainless steel and efficient burners that make up to 50,000 BTUs.

The overall weight of the s420 gas grill is 82 kg with total cooking space of 4484 sq cm. It comprises of powerful electronic dual electrode ignite system to make sure you enjoy a barbeque in every weather.

There are two robust grills above the Flav-R-wave cooking system to ensure a quality result. It can provide you sensi-touch knob so that you can operate it well.

The locking swivel is heavy duty, and you can set the level without any difficulty, but this is not affordable.


  • Its stainless steel cook box lined with cast aluminum for retention of heat.
  • The cooking grills are thick and durable.
  • It provides enough storage.
  • It is most suitable grilling for a large family.
  • The gas grill quickly heats and maintenance free.


  • Price does not work well with this gas grill.
  • It does not have side burners.

The regal s420 can provide you with grill sear and roast so what else a person can ask. However, this product may not suit to those who are in search of the low-range gas grill.

6. Mhp Wnk4dd Gas Grills Review

The Modern home product has been making the best gas grills under your budget. They are still in the game just because they never stop adding quality features each time. To begin with, the vital feature of the H-shaped burner, made up of stainless steel. It gives per hour input of about 40,000 BTUs.

With this, it covers 642 square inches of cooking area and briquette barrier of ceramic to provide more heat and for the better flavors. It differs from other products because its grill housing has made of cast aluminum.

The product comes along with the stainless sear magic cooking grates. On the bottom, there are stainless steel cups that push grease into it, so there is no chance of any mess. It is no doubt an excellent gas grill but asks you to pay more for it.


  • The flavor master briquettes make your barbeque tastier.
  • The burners provide consistent heat.
  • It does not take too much area, and you can fold its sides as well.
  • You have a choice to make it customized.
  • It knows the temperature after 10 minutes of pre-heat.


  • The style of the grill is not fascinating.
  • It is pricey.

According to the price range of the Mhp gas grill, it does not come with extra ordinary features. So it might not fulfill the need of those individuals who want a gas grill that is easy to setup.

7. SUNSTONE Slide-In Double Side Burner Gas Grill Review

Among all other brands that manufacture gas grills the sunstone is well-known for its side burner gas grill. The top of the line it is comprised of the two lamps that can you can use without any hardships.

It has crafted from the 304 stainless steel of commercial grade quality, and it produces a heat output of approximately 30,000 BTUs. It offers control as there are 18 gauges for each burner cover and zinc alloy has used for its handles.

The Sunstone slide in double side burner has designed with integrated burner skirt to ensure to run correctly. The entire product weighs 32 pounds that mean it can accompany you at any place. It is not pricey at all.


  • It is dishwasher safe, so it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The slide burner is simple to set up as you can connect it with the heating source.
  • Contains electronic ignition to start it quickly.
  • It is chrome plated so have a long life.
  • It proffers dependability.


  • It does not include the gas hose.

This side burner of sunstone brand is not a bad choice because of the reason it is in range and makes your experience tasteful.

8. Napoleon Triumph Gas Grill Review

Who would mind to have such gas grill that makes vegetables and meat at the same time? Obviously, no one would. So the Napoleon gas grill can be one of the best gas grills under your budget as it comes with the four burners and separate knobs. 

The gas grill operates with the propane so that you may not depend on electricity to run the unit. Its heat input is extremely high and takes around 35,000 BTUs by the burners at the front, and side burners take a maximum of 8000 BTUs.

It covers 325 square inches of cooking space. The cooking grates have a coat of porcelain cast iron, and overall the construction is of enamel steel and stainless steel.


  • Food comes out completely cooked as heat distributes evenly.
  • The slide burner is simple to set up as you can connect it with the heating source.
  • It is portable.
  • Well- featured and small in size.


  • It is little bit heavy gas grill.

Napoleon Company is successful in making the gas grill that is efficient, easy on the pocket and can make a statement and one cannot say no to it.  


Before you step out of your home to get one of the best gas grills under $1000 you need to have a glance on the products mentioned above for guidance.

It does not bother whether you are a new buyer or seasoned gas grill buyer you need to check whether the product that you are getting has all the latest specifications or not because it is something that you can never ignore. 

Another factor is the price of the commodity that everyone compares keenly, so the Napoleon triumph is the winner as it is reasonable plus it also possesses better features than others.