The Best Grills Under $500 Reviews | Top 7 Picks Of 2017

Aside from having a watch and a car, the very next important item a man owns is a grill.

Grills are superb for entertaining. You can’t have a great house party with Barbeque without a grill in your backyard. It is usually a gathering place where you have great conversation. They are very useful. A friend once cooked meals for his family for days on their grill after a terrible storm cut their power supply.

As important as grills are, they have different features which you wouldn’t want to miss out of. Now, what if you do not have basic knowledge on gas grills?

How can you purchase the best grill with your budget?

Fortunately for you, we have listed and reviewed the best seven grills under $500. Study the reviews and you won’t have to worry about purchasing the best grill that suits your needs.








WEBER 46510001 SPIRIT E310















WEBER Q-3200





1. WEBER 46510001 SPIRIT E310

This Weber Spirit E310 Natural Gas model comes with every feature needed to get your grilling done in no time. This version has the control panel at the front.

Whether it is the patio or back deck, this outdoor grill is always ready to serve you for a long period which makes it a family necessity.


This grill provides an input of 32000 BTU per hr, from three high-grade burners on a 529 sq inches cooking area partitioned – 424 sq inches being the cooking area and 104 sq inches being the warming area.

This grill has a capacity that can roast a 22-pound chicken, roast other meats, and vegetables simultaneously. That’s what I call performance!


This Weber grill has a simple design which provides everything that other bigger grills offer. This Weber model has a user-friendly control panel on the front for the optimal convenience of the user.

There is improved space utilization and increased comfort from the grill’s side burner down to the extendable workspace made of stainless steel with six hooks.


  1. Fuel Gauge: This helps always to monitor the quantity of fuel (Models that use Liquid Propane)
  2. Thermometer Center-Mounted: This is installed and mounted on the hood and meant for actual temperature feedback.
  3. Grease Tray: This protects your grill from dirt for some specified time.
  4. Electric Ignition System:  This ignites the three burners almost at the same time.
  5. Porcelain-coated Flavorizer Bars: this prevents sizzle and smoke.


  • Great system for grease management
  • Enough cooking space
  • A great size for an average family.


  • The grill is too basic for its price.

2. WEBER Q-3200

The Weber Q-3200 is the best gas grill. With this, you don’t have to ever worry about your fuel being exhausted. The portable size of this grill makes it easy to be moved around your patio or lower and top decks of the house.

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The Weber Q-3200 grill produces a total of 21700 BTU/hr from 2 burners, which is spread through a 393 sq inches cooking area.

It also has a warming rack which adds another sixty-nine square inch to ensure your food is warm.

The cooking grates are made porcelain-enameled and the lid and body made of aluminum, to ensure long life and durability.


The Weber Q-3200 has a design that makes it usable in many places in a house. With this design, you can do a fold down which ensures convenience and flexibility for the users.

The body of the grill has a decent outlook with a black finish. It is fixed on a sturdy cart with wheels for mobility.


  1. Burner Valve: The grill is designed for ease of use and provides endless control on the settings of the burner valve.
  2. Ignition System: This grill has an easy-to-start ignition system that ensures fast start-up.
  3. Tool Hooks: The grill comes with three tool hooks meant for hanging essential cooking utensils.
  4. Handle Light: It has a handle light function that provides light in low light situations.
  5. Thermometer: The grill has an inbuilt thermometer which shows the exact temperature reading.


  • Can easily be connected to the natural gas line.
  • Trendy product among customers.
  • Great cooking results and performance.
  • Size is small for convenience and easy handling.



Charbroil products are popular since they aren’t costly, yet they’ve got good customer service.


Though this grill takes a longer time to heat and warm food because of the TRU-infrared specs, it’s also great as it makes sure that there is an even distribution of heat on the food without any flare-ups.

The heat from the infrared makes cooking faster, consumes less gas and prevents hot and cold spots on the cooking surface.

Its major cooking area measures 420 sq inches while the warming rack measures 155 sq inches. To provide 25,500 BTU searing power, controlled temperature and performance that last long, three stainless steel burners are just enough. Side burner provides 13000 BTU for warming up your side dishes and after folding can still be used for more space.


This grill is designed to allow stability and mobility as it sits on four casters. You can lock 2 of them to increase the stability. The racks and lid are porcelain coated to allow it to withstand the weather.

There is a large space inside the steel doors for storage of cooking utensils, gas tank, and any related tools. The porcelain coating makes the grates easy to clean and rust resistant.


  1. Temperature gauge: The temperature gauge is on the lid and helps to control heat and monitor the temperature.
  2. Electronic ignition system:  Every burner gets a quick spark at the push of the button.
  3. Side shelves: These stainless steel shelves provide more work space.


  • Supports propane tank of 20 lbs
  • Offers great customer support and warranty time
  • Compatible for dual-fuel (can easily convert from natural gas to propane)
  • Porcelain coated grates and TRU-infrared tech
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  • For outdoor use only
  • Hard to assemble.


Without a doubt, the size of the Dyna Glo DGE grill is its best feature.


The grill provides up to 62000 BTU per hour over a cooking area of 708 square inches. This is no doubt the most powerful model we have reviewed on this list. With five burners, it has a control valve with infinite adjustability. Its high BTU rate with the cooking area makes this grill the best for catering for large groups.

This grill features cooking grates which are made of stainless steel. You will have no need worrying about mess or rust on the grates, which is fantastic after using the large cooking space measuring 708 inches.

The grill also features a side burner which produces 12000 BTU per hour; the best from our review. With this high BTU rate at disposal, this side burner does not just heat up the sauce, but will also double as an effective additional cooking space.


The entire body of the Dyna Glo grill is made of stainless steel. Hence, it can be stored outdoors at any period and under any climatic condition. With quality construction, it has a great size for convenience.


  1. Its entire design is made of stainless steel including cooking grates, warming rack, side shelves, heat tents, etc.
  2. Thermometer hood mounted.
  3. Control valve infinitely adjustable.
  4. 12,000 BTU/hour side burner.


  • The side burner can be used with frying pan, to sear and grill simultaneously.
  • It is very powerful.
  • It can be stored outdoor or indoor.
  • If you need a versatile and durable grill designed with high-quality construction, this Dyna Glo DGE is a perfect choice.


This Fuego FELG21C grill has a unique look with a distinct cooking system. Though small, the grill is capable of heating up to about 500 degrees within five minutes, and 700 degrees if important. It has a single burner which conserves fuel despite its cooking temperature.


It has a unique burner which provides two cooking areas of 346 square inches with 21000 BTU per hour. The one in the inner area brings instant and intense heat used for searing (burgers and steaks), while the outer area gives slow and constant heat used for convection cooking (BBQ and roasts). The Fuego can accomplish this by offering the option to use the control valve to operate each burner area separately.


The Fuego grill is among the most mobile and compact grills ranking. It has a circular design and wheels for easy storage and movement. Though this model doesn’t have features like side shelves and warming rack, its fast heat time, high temperature, portability and compact size rank it among the most powerful and efficient grills on our review list.


  1. Burner (Dual zone)
  2. Propane tank store
  3. Distinct circular design and tilt lock wheels
  4. Electric ignition
  5. Single fifteen-pound porcelain-coated grate
  6. Residue tray easy to clean


  • It is very powerful.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It can be moved around conveniently.
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  • It does not have a warming rack.
  • It does not come with side shelves.


This grill is that is very common for most homeowners. It has a simple design and is easy to operate with no complex usage and features.


For all your simple Barbecuing needs, the CharBoil 280 will perform excellently. It has two burners which both produce a total of 26500 BTU, spread over 280 sq inches area of cooking space with grates that are porcelain-coated.


The metal is painted overtone in deep black for convenience and simplicity. There is a control panel placed at the front to help in using it easily. It also has side shelves with inbuilt tool hooks and handles for additional work space.


  1. Piezo Ignition: The Charbroil 280 grill features a piezo system on the control panel in front, for quick spark with just a push of the button.
  2. Grates (Porcelain-coated): This allows for easy cleaning and prevents food sticking.
  3. Porcelain-coated Firebox and Steel Lid: This is designed for protection against extreme cooking temperature.
  4. Wheels: It comes with a pair of 6 inches wheels for easy movement.


  • Not difficult with complex functions and gizmos.
  • It comes with an Ignition system (Piezo).
  • Simple to operate and setup.


  • Side shelves are flimsy and do not fold down.
  • No inbuilt thermometer.


The Charbroil 4 grill is great for large cookouts, as it has the perfect balance of performance and features to meet all grilling needs.


The Charbroil 4 grill delivers great results with four stainless steel burners which produce a combined total of 36000 BTU with another side burner of 10000 BTU. It spreads the whole heat over a 475 sq inches major cooking area with porcelain-coated grates.


It is designed in a way that makes the grill to provide convenience without compromise on performance and style.

The lid, control panel, handles, and fascia is constructed with a stainless steel metal. It also has big painted side shelves made of metal to provide additional practicality.


  1. Temperature Gauge: The grill has an inbuilt temperature gauge mounted on the lid for quick and easy temperature monitoring.
  2. Cooking Grates: The cooking grates are porcelain-coated for easy cleaning and to prevent rust.
  3. Type: The Charbroil 4 grill is a model designed in a cart style with wheels for easy movement around.
  4. Ignition System: It features an electronic system of ignition in which just a button push will provide the required spark.


  • Great cooking performance
  • A fair balance between medium and large charbroils grills.
  • Cost effective and setup is easy.


  • It has a grease catcher that is not big enough and does not catch plenty grease.


Purchasing a grill is a crucial decision, one that needs to be right.

Without basic knowledge of the features, performance, pros, cons, and the design, you might choose the wrong grill. After studying this review of the seven best grills under $500, you will not have a problem with buying the right grill that suits your needs. Good luck!