The Best Propane Grills Under $500 (Year 2019)

Outdoor camping is so much fun if you have the proper gears. Most of us anticipate the summer holidays as we anticipate a pregnant woman’s delivery.

However, when it is time, we would want everything to be in place to make our holidays, picnic or camping to be much more fun.

No doubt moments of cooking and eating both indoors and outdoors are great moments for togetherness for both family and friends. That is why the presence of excellently working propane grills for both home and outdoors, is a necessity.

Gone are the days where you need to go through the hassle of breaking and load charcoal for grilling purposes. With the propane grill, you are just one button-push away from having a great cooking time and enjoying yourself with family and friends.

However, the prospect might sound expensive, but it is not.

Weber Spirit E-310

Weber Spirit E-310

Yes, there are high-end grills that are very expensive, but you should not sweat it. If you are on a low budget, there are grills that you can get at a price of just under $500, still have the excellent grill features, and enjoy great cooking.

Getting a grill that gives value for your money requires guides as some of us are either new to it or have bought a problematic grill in the past and may wish to research just to find something better. You are right in the right place! I love grilling and researching about grills!

I put this review together to help buyers know and find the best among low-cost gas grills before parting with those hard-earned bucks.

Best Propane Grills Under 500 Dollars Reviews

1. Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill Review

This excellent product from the stables of Char-Broil is a stunning 6-burner grill that has heat power of 70,000BTUs! The main burners produce 60,000BTUs while its side burner produces the other 10,000. Despite the massive heat produced, it is evenly distributed, and that is an awesome feature that makes this grill outstanding.

It’s insanely huge working space, 930 square inch precisely, makes this grill look like an outdoor kitchen and less like a grill. It is made with a stainless steel all over, and this is to ensure its durability! So much for such little price.

The Performance 650 also has a lid on which is mounted a gauge for checking and controlling the heat in the electronically ignited system. It also boasts of porcelain-coated iron grates for easy maintenance after cooking.

Pros and Cons

The Performance 650 is the best budget grill you can get. High power, durable components, large working space, easy maintenance and choice lighting for saving gas, budget grill could never have been better.

2. Weber Spirit E-310 Review

Weber Spirit E-310

Weber Spirit E-310

Produced by Weber-Stephen, one of the most respected BBQ equipment producers in the world, this grill has features that are easy to use and effective. This grill is equipped with three stainless steel burners. These burners together have a power of 32,000BTUs.

It has a cooking space of about 530 square inches, 425 square inches being the primary cooking space that can hold approximately 20 burgers. The secondary space holds an approximately 100 square inch warming rack. Its iron grates are coated with porcelain.

Its ignition system is electrically powered with a single push of a button. It also comes with a feature known as flavorizers. These flavorizers capture the spices that leave the food while cooking and re-channels it back into the food through the smoke vapor.

On the front of the grill’s lid, there is mounted a thermometer that displays the temperature of the heating. On the side are two tables for food preparation.

Pros and Cons

The grill has a decent cooking space and a decent amount of power but doesn’t have a sear station. The Spirit E-30 side tables are not foldable and hence might be in the way when not in use.

Asides that, this grill is very sturdy and takes about 10minutes to heat up. However, the downside is that this grill is difficult to put together as some might need help and also the propane canisters is a little awkward to fit because of the limited storage space.

3. Broil King Signet 320 Review

These days, a lot of low-cost gas grills are in the market, and most of them are cheaply designed to cut cost. However, with this grill, you do not have to worry about poor design or grill materials. It has 40,000BTUs with three main burners. It has a large cooking space of 635 square inches. With knobs that ignite the electrical circuits.

The Broil King has heavy cast iron cooking grates and a body that is coated with aluminum and stainless steel components. It also has foldable side tables that can be folded down to keep it out of the way when not in use. The dual-tube burners that are built into the grill enable gas flow both front and back.

Pros and Cons

This gas has marvelous cooking space and great power. It heats food fast. The Sears gotten from its heavy grates are longer lasting, and you can control the temperature of the grill easily.

With a good warranty and an evolutionary build, there is not much to worry about after the purchase of this grill except getting a good cover.

4. Dyna-Glo Black and Stainless Premium 2-Burner Gas Grill Review

With a cooking space of 547 square inches, this wonder from Dyna-Glo is making waves in the market scene.

However, judging by its 2-burners, it cannot be said to be as powerful as the other grills with more burners. It is a moveable grill and can be used in small spaces and is a perfect pick for apartment dwellers.

It has a lid that is double-walled to check heat distribution and ensures it is evenly distributed and can retain the heat in cooked foods.

The two gas burners that are shaped like the letter ‘p’ produce a huge 30,000BTUs, and the grill’s  iron grates are coated with porcelain.

Pros and Cons

The Dyna-Glo 2-burner is a grill with an excellent cooking area and can be stored away in small space. However, due to its size, it cannot grill food that will go round a large number of people in one session.

5. Char-Broil Commercial Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill Review

Ignited by an electronic system, this model of Char-Broil’s was designed two years ago and still uses the infrared technology that was licensed by Char-Broil about ten years ago. The temperature gauges that are used on most grills are absent on this grill and is replaced by the infrared emitter that is made of a stronger class of stainless steel material.

This grill’s tubular burners are mounted on infrared diffusers, and the burners each produce a BTU of 8,500 amounting to 25,500 from the machine’s main burners. The grill grates are made of iron and coated with porcelain to ensure retaining of heat and easy cleaning after usage. It also has a cooking space of 575 square inches that makes for a semi-large meal.

It should be noted here that the Commercial Infrared 3-burner has undergone lots of changes from the manufacturers and it has improved much better than its old model.

Pros and Cons

Preheat time of this grill can be longer than for other grills. The infrared that this grill works with is the normal infrared that works more like a standard grill. However, due to the infrared, this grill saves more fuel. Its overall efficiency is improved but not its heat.

6. Weber Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill Review

Another wonder from the Weber E-series, this grill is a 2-burner wonder that kicks out 26,500BTUs per hour. It has porcelain-coated iron grates and a total cooking area of 450 square inches.

It’s electric ignition system comes to life immediately with the push of a button and the inbuilt fuel gauge gives reliable information. It also includes six grill hooks on its side shelves where you can hang most tools and it comes with the unusual flavorizer bar.

Pros and Cons

With the Weber Spirit E-210, cleaning and maintenance are easy. Its heat retention is high due to the porcelain-coated grates. Note also that this machine does not come assembled as assembly may prove to be awkward except you go for expert assembly.  

Its primary cooking space is enough to roast meat and cook vegetables at the same time. It is easy to keep out of the way when not in use because of its foldable side shelves and is a good choice for people who live in a place with smaller patios and lack much space but these shelves are made of steel and can become hot when the grill is in use.

Due to the presence of the flavorizer bar, expect meals cooked by this grill to taste spicier than the ones cooked on other grills.

7. Char Griller Grilling Pro Gas Grill Review

This grill was built and modified from the body of a charcoal grill. That was what the company used to be known for, charcoal grills.

The Char Griller kicks out a total of 40,800BTUs from its main burners and about 12,000BTU from its flanked burner. It has a cooking area of 630 square inches with an AA battery electronic igniters. It also has iron grates that are coated with porcelain for easy maintenance, and a thermometer mounted on its hood to control and check the heat in the system. However, its propane tank and cover are sold separately.

Pros and Cons

This grill is a full feature grill, and it is inexpensive at its price. It is also heavily constructed. However, it has weak plastic wheels that may give way anytime, and some of its inner components are made with low-quality materials. Assembling it is also going to be a problem, and you may need to buy it assembled.

This grill can produce great heat and retain it basically because of its porcelain-coated heavy grates and steel body.

The heat capacity of 40,800 produced by this system seems to be inadequate for its 498 square inches primary space. But the side burner of this machine can do a decent cooking.

8. Cadac Stratos 3-Burner Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill Review

For the records, Cadac is a South African company that came into the limelight a few years ago, although they have been around for more than a decade. The design of this grill is quite well thought of, sleek and beautiful but it is a lightweight grill that has a capacity that is amazing for its size.

The grill has three burners that each produces 13,000 BTU amounting to 39,000BTU from the main burners and 11,000BTU from the side burner. It has a primary cooking space of 390 square inches and a total cooking space of 637 square inches.

It has side tables that you can fold down to make it easy to stash away when not in use. It also has porcelain-coated iron grates and dual lid cover, and unlike most other grills, its ignition system is piezoelectric.

Pros and Cons

This grill has a powerful heating output and heavy duty grates that will give years easily. It can also perfectly fit into small spaces. However, we noticed that the body is made of low grades of stainless steel throughout and the side burner may not produce an adequate amount of heat, especially in the wind. We also noticed that the side tables are weak and do not support a lot of weight and the general construction is lightweight, which goes a long way in determining its durability.

The lid of this appliance is double- layered, and that is good for heat retention. The primary parts of this machine are made with quality materials though and have accessories like warming rack and griddle.


The experience of grilling (indoors and outdoors inclusive) is to be enjoyed and not endured. Even if you are on a tight budget, funds of just under $500 can hand you the opportunity of great grilling while enjoying other accessories for easy cleaning, compatibility, and style on your grill.

The above-mentioned grills are unarguably the best grills you can obtain at that price though personally, I think number one to three just too good to be true!