Best Camping Grill of 2019 & Buying Guide

Cooking out is part of the fun of camping.  There’s nothing better than hot food on a cool night, surrounded by nature and a few good friends—but it isn’t always convenient to cook over your main fire, whether you’re on your own or feeding a crowd.  

Camping grills are a smart solution to a kitchen-free vacation, or for people permanently living in RVs who don’t want lingering heat and food smells in their home on wheels.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll take a look at why camping grills are a great investment for your next trip into the woods—and evaluate some of the most popular models on today’s market.

Buyer’s Guide:

1. What makes a camping grill different from a regular one?  Why can’t I just cook over an open fire while camping?

In general, camping grills are lighter and easier to transport.  They almost always run on propane; while a few charcoal and wood pellet models exist, it’s not exactly convenient for traveling (or cleaning).  Camping grills can be set up and taken down fairly quickly, and stowed in a bag or case until the next time you need it.  Like regular grills, they can withstand the elements pretty well; if you run into a storm while camping and can’t get the grill packed up fast enough, they usually won’t be any worse for wear.

Cooking over an open fire is great, but you’re pretty limited in the amount of food you can cook at once.  It’s also incredibly difficult to get consistent heat this way.  

There’s the added the issue of safety; you have to stand fairly close to the fire to cook over it, so you’re prone to accidents and flares (not to mention, unsightly sweating).

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to buy a camping grill is up to you.  For some, the wilderness experience is all about food cooked over an open flame; a grill is just another luxury.  For many campers, though, it’s an indispensible tool they wouldn’t leave home without.

2. Tabletop or standard size; charcoal, wood, or propane—which should I get and why?

Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill, Standard

Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill, Standard

Most camping grills are shorter than the standard, but there are options with expandable legs/bases.  The size you choose is up to your preferences and how much space you have.  

Consider not just weight and traveling size, but also its grilling surface area (measured in square inches).  If you have an entire caravan to feed, you’ll need a larger model; if it’s just you and one or two traveling companions, you can get by with a smaller one.

As for fuel, there are some pros and cons to consider:

  • Charcoal: Grills that run on charcoal are cheaper to purchase, and fairly inexpensive to fuel.  The charcoal provides a smoky flavor you can’t get with other fuel types.  It’s difficult to clean up, however, and can be hard to travel with for this reason.  Charcoal also takes longer to heat up, although it does burn at a higher temperature than gas (which means faster cooking time and perfect sears).
  • Wood: These grills run on wood pellets, which can be hard to find—and nearly impossible if you’re camping far away from an area with stores. You can, however, cook over a regular fire with a grate to achieve a similar flavor, no grill needed, or put wood chips in a smoker box (grills sometimes come with these; you can also purchase standalone ones).
  • Propane: The biggest advantage of propane is that it’s clean and fast.  Grills take very little time to heat up when using propane, and have a consistent heat spread (no cold spots) and more adjustable temperature, though they don’t run as hot as charcoal.  They also don’t infuse a smoky flavor into the meat, but some people prefer this.  While propane isn’t exactly cheap, it is worth the money for many campers: depending on the size of your grill, you can get 3-4 hours from a 1-lb. tank.  Clean-up is much simpler, as is transport and set-up.

There are also electric grills, but these run into the obvious problem of power.  When you’re out in the wilderness, you won’t have easy access to electricity (though some campgrounds do come equipped with outlets).  Unless you’re traveling in an RV, skip the plug-in grills.

3. ​I need a grill for occasional use.  What should I look for?

You’ll probably want to focus on size, first.  Rarely-used camping grills will most likely be involved in larger trips—with more mouths to feed—so you’ll need more square inches of grilling space than someone who camps more often, and likely brings only one or two friends.  

Of course, this won’t be true for everyone, so choose the size that works best for your unique needs and trips.

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

Fuel is another factor.  You might decide charcoal is worth the hassle of cleaning up, since waiting for the grill to get going won’t bother you as much once or twice a year, versus every night for several trips (or full-time use).

There are also important maintenance issues that come into play with grills you don’t use very often.  Make sure you clean your grill thoroughly after cooking, especially before it goes into storage.  Grease can become rancid when left for too long, producing a terrible smell and residue that’s much harder to clean as time goes on.  Inspect it for bugs (particularly spiders and cockroaches) before use.  If using a propane grill, check the fuel lines for leaks prior to your trip.

4. What if I plan on traveling full-time?

Your grill should be easy to set up and take down, as well as convenient to store, if you expect to cook outside of your camper or RV fairly often.  

Of course, this also depends on how much you’ll be relocating; a larger grill is less of a hassle when you don’t have to pack it up at the end of each day!  

You might want to consider a mounted grill, in fact—one that attaches to the side of your RV—for easier storage and set-up.

When it comes to fuel, most permanent or long-term travelers prefer propane.  It’s easy to transport, quick to heat up, and cost-effective for daily use; you can even hook most models up to your RV’s fuel supply.

Top 4 Best Camping Grill Reviews

1. Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE Review

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE

In the grill industry, the Coleman name is pretty big—but thankfully, this grill is not.  The Road Trip portable camping grill is perfect for up to 4 campers, comes with a collapsible wheeled stand, and even features sliding tables to keep your spices and spatula handy when you need a little kitchen counter space…without the actual kitchen.


  •  Interchangeable cooktops for various grates or griddles (additional surfaces sold separately).
  • Push-button ignition; runs on propane. 20,000 BTUs.
  • Equipped with technology for consistent heating, even in very cold or windy weather.
  •  Includes collapsible stand with wheels; easy to store and move.
  • 285 square inches of grilling space; much more than other camping grills.
  • Cast-iron and porcelain is easy to clean.


  • Buyers have reported weak latch/grill top opening frequently during transport.

With an affordable price and convenient folding design (plus a color choice to suit every style), the Coleman Road Trip camping grill is ideal for both occasional travelers and permanent ones, and anyone in between.  

If you plan on cooking anything tall (large chicken legs, for example), you might be disappointed in this model, however; the lid has a depth of only 3”, which is great for traveling, but not so much for bulkier foods.

2. Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill Review

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

For true-blue campers who really want to rough it, this over-fire model from Texsport is perfect: it uses no fuel except your regular campfire, and provides a handy table when the fire dies down.  It’s constructed with durable steel to support even the heaviest of cast-iron cookware.  It also has foldable legs, which make packing a breeze.


  •  Allows you to cook over your fire, no additional fuel required.
  • Made with high-quality, heavy-duty steel for long-lasting performance.
  • Can hold larger pots for slow cooking/simmering; allows user to make a wider range of foods.
  • Depending on size, can also be used on a fire pit (with legs hanging over the sides).
  • Available in multiple sizes; very affordable.


  • Cannot cook food directly on surface; steel is coated, which can come off on food.

Its price is fair and its materials are top-notch—but its paint job leaves a lot to be desired.  We aren’t sure why Texsport didn’t simply produce an uncoated option, since users report the paint easily burns and scrapes off after initial use, anyway.  

For a strong, no-fuss open-fire cooking surface, however, this is still worth considering, even if it’s not a “true” grill.

3. Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill, Standard Review

Char-Broil Portable Gas Grill, Standard

A definite standout in this guide, the Char-Broil Portable grill is lightweight, easy to store and set up, and priced to move.  

One might expect a flimsy or sub-par grill at this price, but Char-Broil has crafted a well-built product that can withstand even daily travel and use for years to come.


  • Legs fold over and lock above grill for compact storage.
  • Heat-resistant handles; grill can be moved before it’s cool, although packing/transport is not recommended until grill has cooled completely.  Do not move while in use.
  • 11,000 BTU burner; runs on propane.
  • 187 square inch grilling area.
  • Lightweight; 10 lbs.
  • Also available in a deluxe version, which comes with push-button ignition for just a few dollars’ increase in price.


  • Not standard grill height; 15” tall.

Other than the fact you’d have to set this grill up on a table because of its short size, the Char-Broil portable model is a solid contender.  It gets the job done, is built to last, and comes at a very fair price for campers on any budget.  

We recommend the deluxe version to anyone who doesn’t want the slight hassle of lighting it and would rather just press a button, but other than that, even the standard model is a winner.

4. Cuisinart CCG-190RB Portable Charcoal Grill, 14” Review

At only two pounds, this grill definitely wins in the portability category—but what about performance?  The fact that it runs on charcoal means it can reach much higher temperatures than gas options (although it does take longer to heat up overall).  

It also guarantees that savory, smoky flavor you can only get with charcoal, which just might be worth the extra clean-up.


  • Runs on charcoal; great for those who don’t want to or can’t use propane, and infuses a smoky flavor into the food naturally.
  • Lid comes with three latches for transport.
  • Ash collection for easier clean-up.
  • 150 square inches grilling surface; chrome plated.
  • Very affordable.
  • Available in red or black.


  • Doesn’t heat up as quickly as propane; requires ash disposal and extra cleaning.

If you want a sturdy grill that promises the flavor and heat only charcoal can provide, look no further.  

We recommend this model to more patient campers who don’t mind giving the grill time to warm up (and who don’t mind disposing of the ashes, afterwards).  Perhaps the best feature is its triple-latch system, which ensures the lid stays closed during your travels.​​​​

To Conclude:

Camping can be as rugged and off-the-grid as you like, or as glamorous as a vacation in a 5-star resort—but cooking outdoors, it seems, is a must either way.  Camping grills allow for a portability you just can’t swing with standard ones, and come in a range of sizes and fuel types to fit your travel needs.

Before you buy, consider factors like grilling capacity, fuel type, and ease of transport.  Doing so will ensure you get the grill best suited for your journey—whether it’s a quick trip to the campgrounds, or a month-long journey into the unknown.

Best RV Grill of 2019 & Buying Guide

Traveling in an RV (or living in one) presents some incredible opportunities.  You can live virtually anywhere without sacrificing the comforts of home, save money on hotels or housing, and experience a freedom non-RVers just can’t do.  The lifestyle does, however, present some tough challenges, as well—especially if you live in your RV for long periods of time.

One of the biggest challenges is cooking.  Because RVs are short on space and don’t have the layout of traditional homes, they take longer to air out.  Food odors, smoke, and grease can be almost impossible to get out, which is why many campers and travelers take to grilling the bulk of their meals outdoors.

RV grills have compact, convenient designs to make cooking outside as easy as stovetop cooking.  Our buyer’s guide can answer a few common questions about this grill type, and will explore some of the most popular RV grills available.

Buyer’s Guide:

What is an RV grill?  How is it different from a camping grill?

There isn’t much difference between the two in terms of performance, and you might even see the terms used interchangeably in the RV and camping communities.  

The main factor they have in common is portability: most are lightweight, have folding features for easy storage, and usually run on propane (although charcoal versions exist, as well).

For the purposes of this buying guide, we’ll assume “RV grill” refers to those that mount to the bumper or side of an RV.  

Many run off your RV’s propane supply with a hose, but some run off their own tanks instead (or both).  

If you’d rather have a grill that’s portable but doesn’t attach to your RV, check out our buyer’s guide for the best camping grills.

Kuuma Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill

Kuuma Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill

Keep in mind that just because a grill mounts to your RV for transport, doesn’t mean it has to stay there while you’re cooking; most manufacturers offer quick-release mounts and additional stands (or mounts that double as such) so you can move the grill to another area to use it.

2. ​What fuel do RV grills require?

Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grille

Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grille

Most RV grills run off propane, either a solitary tank or your RV’s gas supply.  

There are charcoal versions, though these are harder to clean up and take longer to heat (but they also reach higher temperatures and infuse a smoky flavor into your food you can’t get with propane).  

The kind you get depends on your preferences and needs.

If you plan to cook on it only occasionally, the patience required for charcoal might not be an issue; however, you could consider a  charcoal camping grill that’s stored inside your RV, instead.  RV-mounted grills are exposed to the elements and get dirty fairly quickly while traveling, so cleaning it will feel like a hassle to those who only use it every few weeks or so.

Generally speaking, propane is a favorite for mounted grills because it’s more convenient.  You simply push a button or light the burner with a match, and in just a few minutes your grill is ready to cook.  And when it’s time to clean up, there are no ashes to dispose of.

3. I need a pretty large RV grill.  Am I better off buying a standard one and storing it on board?

Most RV grills are on the small to medium side, but if you plan on cooking for a large number of people at once and don’t want to pull multiple shifts at the grill, a large one can certainly be found that’s still portable enough to store on board the RV.  

Larger RV-mounted grills are also available, but depending on the profile your RV already has (how big it is, how difficult it is to navigate, etc.), you might find the addition of a big grill too cumbersome.

ACGEN RV Mounted BBQ Grill

ACGEN RV Mounted BBQ Grill

4. Are there special safety concerns with RV grills?

For the most part, safe grilling with an RV-mounted model is the same as grilling on any other kind: check your fuel line for leaks often, keep the grill as clean as possible, don’t store fire-hazardous materials nearby, and keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

StowAway Hitch Mount Grill

StowAway Hitch Mount Grill

The last point is especially important with RV grilling, however, because your unit is attached to your vehicle.  If a fire gets out of control, it can cause massive damage to your grill, the RV, and you.  

Also, consider the layout of where you’re camping and park accordingly; avoid campgrounds with dead leaves and brush, and find a suitable clearing where you can grill without fear of sparking a wildfire.  Some campgrounds require you to park in a specialized area if you plan on grilling, so call ahead if you aren’t sure.

Finally, make sure you have a grease trap or dish to catch any drips, and wipe up grease if and when it does spill.  This will prevent rogue sparks from igniting the grease and causing a fire on your RV or the ground.

5. Do all RV grills come with mounting gear?  Do all attach to the side?

Most come with the mounting setup you’ll need—but not all.  Usually, they will mount to the side of your RV, but a few are designed to attach to the back.  Also, some systems allow the grill to detach and be used on a standalone mount, so you can park in one area and grill in another.

There are also swing-away options, where the mount folds against the vehicle during travel, but pivots outward and locks into place so you can grill at a greater distance from the RV while remaining attached.

Buyers should check with the manufacturer’s product description before purchasing, to ensure the grill does, in fact, come with all mounting accessories needed.  Some companies sell these separately, but offer a variety so you can choose the system that’s best for you.

Top 4 Best RV Grills Reviews

1. Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grille Review

Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grille

Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Motorhome Gas Grille

The Flame King is a stylish, no-fuss option for RVers who want a simple, side-mounted grill that can get the job done and be packed up in a flash.  

It’s designed with durable materials to withstand travel, but comes at a price that’s considerably lower than other mounted models.  

The coolest feature, in our opinion, is its versatile mounting system, which turns into a standalone base so you can detach it and set the grill up anywhere on your campsite.


  • 214 square inch grilling surface.
  • Two locks on lid to ensure worry-free traveling.
  • Hanging rack doubles as standard legs, so you can detach the grill and move it away from the RV, if desired.
  • Mounts to the side of any RV or motor home trailer.
  • Runs off RV’s gas supply.
  • Affordable for this grill type.


  • Does not include gas hose/fuel line.

While some would prefer a grill that runs off its own propane (or even charcoal), others will love the convenience of hooking their grill right up to their RV’s gas supply.  We recommend this to travelers who plan on using the grill frequently during their trips, as well as full-timers who live in their vehicle permanently.

2. ACGEN RV Mounted BBQ Grill Review

ACGEN RV Mounted BBQ Grill

ACGEN RV Mounted BBQ Grill

The ACGEN side-mounted grill is smaller than the Flame King, but not by much; its downside is the higher price.  This might be worth it, however, for buyers who’d prefer the choice of using their RV’s gas supply, or their own cylinders.  

Like the Flame King, the ACGEN can also be removed from the RV quickly and easily if you’d prefer to grill away from the vehicle.


  • 180 square inches grilling surface; 12,000 BTUs.
  • Mounts to side of RV; can also double as a stand to move grill away from RV.
  •  Includes smoker plate to provide a complex flavor similar to charcoal.
  •  Stainless steel for sleek look and easier cleaning.
  • Includes connection hose and valve to run off RV’s propane supply; can also work with standalone tanks.


  • On the pricier side, but still reasonable.
  • Warranty is only one year.

In terms of the best price, we still recommend the Flame King—but the smoker plate and ability to run on separate gas is very appealing, and makes the ACGEN worth considering just the same.  We could see this model being popular with campers who prefer charcoal for its flavor, but don’t want to or can’t devote time to waiting for it to heat up and then disposing of the ashes.

3. StowAway Hitch Mount Grill with 1.25” SwingAway Frame Review

StowAway Hitch Mount Grill

StowAway Hitch Mount Grill

The StowAway Hitch grill is great for RVs, but can work on any Class III or IV trailer hitch—which means all campers and tailgaters can enjoy the convenience of an attached grill, even if they don’t own an RV.  

The frame locks into place at a 90-degree angle from the car, and can hold up to 200 lbs.  This model comes with a Cuisinart grill, although buyers could also purchase the arm alone and use their grill of choice, instead.  We’ll review the arm and Cuisinart combination.


  • Arm mounts to any 1.25” trailer hitch and folds up against the car as a traveling rack; locks away from car at 90-degree angle, so tailgate/trunk/bed isn’t blocked.
  • Allows for tabletop workspace, as well.
  • Cuisinart features 240 square inches of grilling space.
  • Grill can be easily removed to use away from vehicle, if desired.
  • Rack holds up to 200 lbs.
  • Grill available in black or stainless steel finish.


  • On the pricier end, but fair considering it comes with grill; arm alone (or similarly styled mounts) is affordable, and a good option for those who already have a grill but want to make it portable.

While the grill itself is great, the real standout in this bundle is the swing-arm system that attaches to most standard trailer hitches with ease.  It turns any vehicle into a kitchen-on-demand, and doubles as a convenient rear carrying rack for the grill and any other gear you might need to haul.  

By far the most versatile setup in this guide, we recommend the StowAway and Cuisinart system to tailgaters and campers without a recreational vehicle; it might be just a tad too bulky for the rear bumpers of some RVs, although in the end, it’s a matter of preference.

4. Kuuma Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill Review

Kuuma Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill

Kuuma Stow-N-Go 125 Gas Grill

The Kuuma portable grill is another affordable, compact option for those low on space or money (or both).  

Crafted with high-strength steel, it has an attractive design that can weather short getaways, long trips, and almost any condition nature throws its way.  

It can be mounted to the vehicle or left freestanding on a tabletop or stand, but fair warning: these are sold separately.


  • 125 square inches of grilling space; 9,000 BTUs.
  • Made with marine-grade steel; very durable and easy to clean.
  • Can be mounted to most Kuuma rails, rods, and pedestals.
  • Lightweight; 8 lbs.


  • Can only mount to newer model Kuuma accessories; all sold separately.

We recommend the Kuuma to buyers on a budget, but with a little wiggle room; you’ll need to purchase a stand or mounting rack, if you don’t want to use the grill on a tabletop.  

It has impressive durability, however, and can be used with a variety of systems to suit almost any vehicle—including RVs, cars, trucks, and even houseboats—which make the slight hassle of additional purchases worth it.

To Conclude:

Grilling is part of the fun of camping, and often becomes RV-travellers’ favorite cooking method, since they don’t have to worry about odors or smoke clinging to their vehicle’s interior.  

While portable grills are great for road trips, some people don’t want to store their grill on board (or don’t have the room), which is why RV-mounted options are so handy: when dinnertime rolls around, you simply unfold your grill, light it, and get to work.  

We hope our buyer’s guide has been helpful in your search for the best RV grill to suit your traveling needs.

The Best Grills Under $200 (Year 2019)

Some grill enthusiasts will spend hundreds or thousands on a top-of-the-line behemoth for their backyard culinary adventures, but most of us don’t want to—or can’t—afford such a luxury.  

Unless you’re a professional chef (or at least, someone who grills very frequently), you’re probably looking for a good quality grill that can get the job done, but without putting a dent in your wallet.

Our buyer’s guide will explore some of the questions around budget grills, and feature four of the best grills for under $200.

Buyer’s Guide:

Is $200 enough for a good grill?  What if I need the cheapest grill possible?

Yes, $200 is plenty for a standard grill that’s built to last and delivers even, reliable cooking.  Just like anything else, well-known brands will often cost more, as well as any add-ons and fancy features—but when you get right down to the basics, all grills are designed to do the same thing: cook food.  The real question isn’t of price, but simply quality: if a grill looks cheaply made and has poor reviews, it doesn’t matter if it’s $100 or $1,000—it’s a bad deal.

The cheapest grill possible will be a very standard kettle grill that runs on charcoal.  

These sell for about $10-$15, can be found at almost any store that sells grilling equipment, and provide a modest but very functional grill to suit standard use.  

If you grill very frequently or need a bigger surface area, you might need a larger, more expensive model.

George Foreman GGR50B

George Foreman GGR50B

Are there any features I’ll be missing out on at this price point?

Overall, you can find the same features on any lower priced grill that you’d find on an expensive model—but there are a few add-ons and upgrades a higher price can get:

  • Potentially higher temperatures, depending on fuel type.
  • Infrared technology, which provides high heat, easy searing, and allegedly juicier food than non-infrared grills—though cheaper infrared models do exist.
  • Larger surface area; some expensive grills have more than 1,000 square inches.
  • Multiple functions: grilling, smoking, roasting, and even baking, depending on the model.
  • Rotisseries, smoker boxes, warming trays, refrigerated base cabinets, and other add-ons.

Of course, many of these features aren’t just above the $200 mark—they’re above the $1,000 mark!  

It’s tempting to go all-out on a grill with so many bells and whistles, but think about your budget and how much you can really afford, as well as what you’ll actually use the grill for.  

Sure, a motorized rotisserie option is great, but not if you’ll never roast a chicken or leg of lamb.

I need a big grill for a lot of people.  Can $200 get me a large model?

Yes, although not as large as commercial-use grills (or the giant smoker styles you might find at big barbeques).  Most grills will come with 200-500 square inches of surface area, with a few exceeding even that.

For reference, 500 square inches can cook 24 standard hamburgers at once, which is plenty for most people’s needs.  You should also look at how many burners a grill has, since a lot of surface area with only one burner would translate to faster cooking near the center, and slower cooking at the outside edges. 

Many people prefer this, so they can cook vegetables or toast buns near the outside instead of directly over a burner, or slow-cook their food; some would rather have multiple burners, or even infrared plates, for a more even heat distribution.

Which fuel type is cheapest?

Smoke Hollow 205

Smoke Hollow 205

Charcoal grills are the least expensive kind to buy, but the charcoal itself can be pricier than propane, depending on the rates where you live.  On average, charcoal costs $2.50 per cookout, while propane can cost $1.00 to $3.00.  Charcoal also takes longer to heat up and requires more cleaning afterward, so you should factor in your time, as well.

Propane grills, however, cost more to maintain; you have to replace leaking lines, valves, and other parts as they age and wear out, whereas charcoal grills typically need a new grate every so often and nothing more.

Some propane grills can even utilize your natural gas line, if you have one.  You’ll need an adapter kit, but the cost is worth it for many frequent grillers.

For camping, you can also consider using your campfire with a simple grate.  Some of these have legs to straddle the fire pit, and others sit directly over top it.  Not only can you grill on these surfaces (usually), but you can also use cookware—just like you would on your stovetop at home.  Of course, this isn’t everyone’s preferred method, but is certainly economical.

Another fuel option is…none at all!  Electric grills cost about 25 cents per cookout, and come at prices comparable to many propane models.

Top 5 Best Grills Under 200 Dollars

1. George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Review

George Foreman GGR50B

George Foreman GGR50B

If you’re looking for a more economical (or eco-friendly) alternative to propane and charcoal, an electric option can be perfect for your needs.

Some apartments and neighborhoods don’t allow anything that could flare up and cause fires, so many buyers will be happy to see an affordable option that can get around those rules.  

As a bonus, it’s got the ever-popular George Foreman brand behind it.


  • 240 square inches of grilling surface can cook 15 servings of food at once.
  • Runs on electricity; cheaper to run than charcoal or propane.
  • Non-stick coating makes clean-up much easier.
  • Adjustable temperature control; five heat settings.
  • Can be used indoors on countertop, or outdoors with provided stand; lightweight, at only 7 lbs.
  • No flare-ups; suitable for homes with small children/pets, or areas where other grill types are prohibited.


  • Some users have reported lower heat compared to other fuel types, and longer cooking times.

Granted, this isn’t the most impressive electric option you’ll find—but its affordable price makes it one of the best values in this category, and a smart buy if you want to save money on fuel, as well.  The longer cooking times do present a bit of a challenge, though, and might not be worth the savings for some buyers.

2. Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Propane Grill Review

A bit larger than the previous model, this table top option from Smoke Hollow runs on propane instead of electricity—which does cost more, but makes it perfect for traveling, camping, and tailgating during football season.  It also has a warming rack (great for sides), and latching hood to travel more easily.


  • 305 square inches surface area; can cook about 12-18 servings of food at once.
  • 10,000 BTUs.
  • Foldable legs; can be set up on tabletop or tailgate.
  • Features a warming rack to cook with indirect heat, keep food hot after cooking, toast buns, or heat up sides.
  • Hood locks shut for travel and storage.


  • Does not come with a stand or cart; legs are for tabletops, counters, etc.

A portable propane grill is a must-have for grillers on the go, and this model from Smoke Hollow offers one at a price anyone can swing (which leaves more in the budget for premium burger meat or steaks).  

The only downside is its height: its legs are designed for tabletop use, which means you’ll need to purchase a compatible stand separately if literal tailgating isn’t your style.

3. Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22” Charcoal Grill Review

Charcoal remains a favorite with grillers for the unique, smoky flavor it gives food, from meats to vegetables, for a true “cookout taste” you can’t get with other fuel types.  

While it takes a little more patience to light (and clean), charcoal grills are often the cheapest to buy.  This one from Weber looks like a standard kettle grill, but does have a few features you won’t get in $20 options.


  • 363 square inches of grilling space; can cook up to 20 servings at once.
  • Plated-steel grate; hinged design makes it easy to add charcoal as needed.
  • Ash catcher is aluminum and features a “one-touch” clean-up system.
  • Comes with a wheeled stand for easy movement.
  • Runs on charcoal; reaches hotter temperatures than propane.
  • Damper lets you control the heat without lifting the lid.


  • Cooking grate can be harder to clean than stainless or coated options; might require cooking spray before use.
  • About 30 lbs.; not the heaviest grill by far, but not as light as other options.

Made in America and backed by a 10-year warranty, the Weber Original Kettle grill boasts value in more ways than one.  Its price is affordable and its construction is solid; the company, which has been in business since 1952, clearly knows what makes a good grill.  We especially love its one-touch ash catcher, which makes cleaning all too easy.

4. Lodge L410 Pre-Seasoned Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill Review

The Sportsman grill is a little heavy for tailgating (32 lbs.), but every ounce is necessary: this virtually indestructible charcoal grill is made of cast-iron, and the grate is pre-seasoned (coated with oil for easy care).  It has a handle for carrying, draft door, coal access, and a built-in shelf—all in a compact, rugged setup.


  • Made of very durable cast-iron.
  • Grate is pre-seasoned/coated with oil for easier cleaning and rust prevention.
  • Runs on charcoal; infuses meat with a smoky flavor; capable of higher heats than propane.
  • Draft door to regulate heat easily; grill requires no lid.
  • Coal access behind secondary door for easy stoking/additions.
  • Grate can be flipped to raise or lower food/put it closer to the coals or further away.


  • Must be washed by hand and cared for properly; cast iron requires cleaning (without soap) after each use, thorough drying, re-seasoning as needed with cooking oil, and indoor storage.
  • Small; suitable for 2 to 4 people.

If caring for cast iron isn’t your cup of tea, skip this model.  High-inclusion chefs with a lot of mouths to feed won’t enjoy the Sportsman’s small size, either—but for a select few, a cast iron grill is the ultimate in culinary luxury.  

While heavier than any other grill of this size, it is technically portable.  And although its maintenance is hardly fuss-free, it really doesn’t need much more than any other cast iron cookware.

5. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Patio Bistro 240 Review

Another electric model, this unassuming patio-sized grill from Char-Broil boasts a surprising feature for this price range: infrared plates, which disperse heat evenly and reach temperatures far higher than any fuel type on its own.  This grill is already priced quite well for any electric grill, but for an infrared one too, it’s a definite bargain.


  • Features infrared technology for even cooking, higher heats, and fewer flare-ups; allows for professional-level searing.
  • 240 square inches grilling surface, including an 80 square inch warming rack.  Total grill space can fit 12 burgers at once.
  • Electric; no flare-ups, no fuel.
  • Grates are cast iron; porcelain-coated for easier clean-up.
  • Foldable preparation tables on sides.
  • Temperature control knob; lid features thermometer for less guesswork.


  • Quite heavy; 65 lbs.

Char-Broil has outdone themselves on this model, which features so much more than a typical “budget grill” would.  We recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want propane or charcoal (or can’t, depending on where they live) and loves the idea of a perfectly seared steak of restaurant caliber, right in their own backyard.

To Conclude:

Finding the right grill on a budget is definitely possible, once buyers know what fuel type (if any) they’d prefer, how many people they’ll regularly cook for, and which features and add-ons they simply can’t do without.  

While expensive grills certainly look like they’d perform better, current research, reviews, and the test of time prove inexpensive ones can cook just as well for a fraction of the cost.

4 Best Charcoal and Gas Dual Fuel Grills Combo (2019)

The debate over charcoal vs. propane when it comes to grilling is an endless one, and it seems everyone has their favorite for various reasons.  While charcoal provides a smoky flavor you don’t get with propane, it’s also harder to clean up.  Propane grills, however, can be more expensive to purchase, and sometimes pricier to run.

Some of us love both for different occasions and foods, though—and buying two full-sized grills is hardly economical.  Storage-wise, it’s not exactly practical, either.

Thankfully, there is a compromise: dual-fuel or “hybrid” grills use propane and charcoal (some at the same time; others, independently), and let users choose based on their time constraints, what kind of meal they’re having, or just the mood they’re in that day.  Our buyer’s guide will explore what makes these grills worth consideration, and analyze some popular hybrid grills to start your search.

Buyer’s Guide

1. How do hybrid grills work?  Can I use charcoal and propane at the same time?

Some hybrids operate with a “side by side” design, where the grill has two sections and two lids; essentially, it’s two grills on the same cart. One runs on propane, while the other is meant for charcoal.

These have the benefit of custom cooking: if some guests at a party want their food to have that unmistakable charcoal flavor, but others just want their food as quickly as possible, you can please everyone and fire up both at the same time.

Other hybrids have just one chamber, and require you to choose between your fuel.

You can use charcoal on warmer days with a little more time to spare, and propane on cold or windy ones when you’re feeling impatient. 

And if you run out of one fuel type, you don’t have to go to the store before you start cooking.

Char-Griller 5050

Char-Griller 5050

Finally, there are combination hybrids: ones that let you use both fuel types together at the same time.

The result is a grill which heats up quickly like propane, provides more flavor like charcoal, and can run on either one on its own whenever you see fit. 

Check product descriptions to see if a model runs on propane or charcoal independently, side-by-side, or together.

2. What are the benefits of cooking with both at the same time?

With combination grilling, you can utilize the strengths of both fuel types—speed for propane, and flavor for charcoal—while mitigating the respective weaknesses of each (charcoal being slow to heat up, and propane lacking charcoal’s trademark smoky flavor).

TIPS: Some combination grills double as smokers, which means you can cook meats very slowly at low heat for hours beforehand, and sear the outside, as well.

3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of hybrid/dual fuel grills?

Grills with more than one fuel option certainly have their share of pros:

  • Can use propane or charcoal as preferred/required (or both, in some models).
  • Saves space over owning two separate grills.
  • Saves money over buying two grills (though this isn’t always the case).
  • Lets you cook out even if you’re out of one fuel type.
  • Allows for year-round grilling; many people prefer propane in cold weather, but charcoal in warm weather (when standing outside for a longer time isn’t a problem, and drafts/wind isn’t an issue).
Char-Broil Gas2Coal

Char-Broil Gas2Coal

There are many reasons to own a hybrid, and it’s easy to think this might be the ultimate grill for everyone, no question…but there are some drawbacks buyers should consider to determine if a dual option is right for them:

  • Hybrids that let you use both fuels at once sometimes only let you use a small amount of charcoal at a time—you’ll have to keep adding more while grilling.
  • Some hybrids don’t have adequate airflow like charcoal-only models, so you have less control over the temperature.
  • Side-by-side styles are either more expensive (for two standard sized grills), or provide smaller space on both sides than you’d get with a dedicated grill.

So, which is better: two separate grills, or a hybrid?

Ask yourself what you have the space for, what your budget can handle, and how important a 2-in-1 (or both at once) functionality is to you.

If you specifically want to use both fuels at the same time, only a hybrid will do.  

If, however, you want the option of grilling with either independently—without compromising the efficiency of either—be prepared to pay a little extra, or get two separate grills: budget hybrids usually sacrifice a little bit of quality to accommodate both fuel types.

4. What size grill do I need for 4 people?  What about 10?  20?

This depends on what you’re cooking—and how hungry your guests are. There’s no clear answer to this question, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t crowd a grill; food needs at least a ½” of space around it.

Smoke Hollow 8500

Smoke Hollow 8500

  • In general, 500 square inches can cook 24 medium-sized hamburgers at once. This could feed 24 people…12…or even 8, if your guests are extra hungry!
  • For individual or household use, anything up to 300 square inches is plenty
  • Those who cook for crowds on a regular basis will probably want something in the 500 to 700 range, or even larger.

Remember, though, that larger grills cost more to purchase—and operate.

Of course, you also need to consider how many burners a grill gas: a large amount of surface area with several burners will cook more food at the same rate than a grill of that same size with only one or two burners, because some of the food will be in direct heat, while the rest is in indirect heat (and will cook more slowly).

BONUS TIPS: Keep in mind that a manufacturer (or seller) is including the warming rack’s area in their measurements; a grill with 500 square inches of surface area, but a 100 square inch warming rack, really only has 400 square inches of grilling space.

Best Charcoal and Gas Dual Fuel Grill Combo Reviews

1. Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Gas and Charcoal Grill Review

This model from Char-Broil has impressive specs for any grill type in a mid-level price range, but when you add in the fact it’s a hybrid, it becomes even more appealing.  

While you can’t use charcoal and propane together in this grill, you can easily switch between the two in just a few steps.  

The company also stands behind their product with a 5-year warranty on its stainless steel burners (2- or 1-year warranties come with its other components).


  • 540 square inches surface area; 420 grilling surface and 120 warming rack.
  • Converts between gas or charcoal easily.
  • 40,000 BTUs; three main burners. 12,000 BTU side burner.
  • Stainless steel burners and cast-iron, porcelain-coated grates.
  • Wheeled cart design; charcoal tray can be stowed underneath when using propane.
  • Optional: sold with cover for additional cost.


  • Does not allow for both fuel types to be used at the same time.
  • 115 lbs.; might be too heavy for some buyers.

The Char-Broil Gas2Coal is an affordable option that’s great for medium to large crowds, thanks to ample grilling space and three durable burners. The charcoal tray stores right underneath the grill, and takes less than a minute to install—so when you just aren’t feeling propane, you can switch to briquettes in a flash and grill up some burgers the old-fashioned way.

2. Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill Review

If the idea of two grills appeals to you—but you still want a convenient 2-in-1 setup to save space, or use both at the same time with ease—the Char-Griller 5050 is the grill for you.  

Or should we say, grills?  This model has two set-ups: one grill runs on charcoal, and the other runs on propane.  They come with a wheeled cart for space-efficient design, and each is crafted to make the most of its fuel.


  • Impressive 1260 square inches of surface area; can feed very large crowds, or handle bigger foods and more varieties. Includes warming rack (242). Charcoal side has 580 square inches primary grilling space, and propane has 438 square inches. Warming rack surface area is split proportionately between the two.
  • Features side-by-side design to use one or the other, or both grills at once (although both fuel types cannot be combined within one grill chamber).
  • 40,800 BTUs across 3 burners; 12,000 BTU side-burner.
  • Cast-iron grates; porcelain-coated.
  • Ash catcher is easy to remove and replace on charcoal side.
  • Propane side features push-button ignition for easy lighting.


  • Heavy; 144 lbs., but is built well and can stand the elements with a suitable cover, so it shouldn’t need to be moved often, anyway.

While it isn’t the best side-by-side model you’ll find, it is definitely one of the most affordable.  In fact, this grill is cheaper than most comparable models purchased separately.  We recommend the Char-Griller 5050 to anyone who loves propane and charcoal equally, but doesn’t want the hassle of two isolated grills.

3. Smoke Hollow 8500 LP Gas/Charcoal Grill with Firebox Review

This “two in one” option is actually more of a four-in-one grill, since it allows backyard chefs to choose between propane grilling, charcoal grilling, smoking, and searing, all in one attractive (albeit incredibly heavy) product.  

You can use whichever option you prefer independently, or use any combination to add the perfect finishing touches to your culinary masterpieces.


  • Side-by-side design; one grill runs on gas while the other runs on charcoal.
  • Firebox/smoker is offset to the side and features draft control.
  • Gas side has three stainless steel burners; 10,000 BTUs.
  • Charcoal side features adjustable tray to move heat closer/further from grate.
  • Ample cooking space (1,435 square inches total): about 500 for each grill, a little over 200 for the smoker area, and about 200 for the searing burner. Note: surface area measurements are estimates.
  • Grates are cast iron; porcelain-coated.


  • Extremely heavy at 215 pounds, but does come with 4-wheeled cart for easier transport.

This grill is practically an outdoor kitchen: with so many functions in one work space, it’s hard to imagine any frequent griller without it!  It’s affordable for a hybrid, but especially one with the additional smoker and searing boxes on the sides.  We recommend this to anyone who enjoys all aspects of outdoor cooking, and who don’t mind spending a bit more than a standard hybrid would cost them.

4. Coyote CH50LP Hybrid Grill Review

At its higher price point, one might expect the Coyote to boast all kinds of bells and whistles.  On the contrary, it has very little in the way of flash: what you’re paying for, more than anything, is substance.  

This 100% stainless steel hybrid delivers two excellent, high-quality grills in one setup, with a generous cooking surface to suit dinner for two or a hungry cookout crowd.


  • Made entirely of stainless steel; side-by-side design.
  • Gas grill has 2 high-performance burners; 40,000 BTUs.
  • Charcoal side has crank-controlled tray height and temperature. Can also use wood chips, if desired.
  • Lights in hood for better visibility, even at night.
  • Over 1,200 square inches total grilling space; 600+ per grill.
  • Propane side can also run off natural gas lines.


  • Very expensive; out of most budget ranges.
  • Cart and custom grill cover sold separately.

The Coyote Hybrid comes with a big price tag, yes, but will deliver high-end performance for years—so for many buyers, the price is worth it.  Rest assured you aren’t paying for a bunch of unnecessary add-ons: other than the handy hood lights, it seems this grill’s price is determined by true quality, rather than a needless mark-up.

To Conclude

Hybrid grills offer flavor and convenience in the same package—especially those that let you use both fuels at once, if desired—and can save some much-needed space in your garage or on your patio.  

While the debate of charcoal vs. propane might never reach an agreement, hybrid grills provide an excellent compromise that shows off the strengths of both fuels.

The Best BBQ Grill Under $500 (Year 2019)

When the weather gets warm, nothing beats a get-together for some cold drinks and hot BBQ—but you can’t get the job done with a standard grill.  While grilling out is just as big a harbinger of summertime, there’s something special about barbequing: it takes more time and commitment, produces vastly different flavors than grilling, and pleases even the pickiest of palettes.

You don’t have to spend a grand or more to get a high-quality BBQ grill, though.  Our buyer’s guide will explore some of the best options at or below this price, study each model’s pros and cons, and look at what, exactly, makes a BBQ more than just your average cookout.

Buyer’s Guide:

What’s the difference between barbequing and grilling?

You might hear people use the two terms interchangeably—along with calling the barbeque itself a grill, and vice-versa.  Don’t be fooled: the two are different, even for all their similarities.

  • Barbequed food:
    • Is cooked slowly
    • Requires the lid to be closed
    • Cooks at lower heats
    • Is cooked with the heat enveloping it all around
  • Grilled food:
    • Is cooked fairly quickly
    • Can have the lid open or closed
    • Cooks at higher heats
    • Is cooked with more direct heat from burner
Char-Griller 2123

Char-Griller 2123

In other words, BBQ means low and slow, and grilling means fast and hot.  Barbequed food is also cooked with charcoal or wood (grills use these or propane) because the smoke these fuels give off is crucial to its cooking process and finished taste.  

Many barbequed dishes also call for glazes or spice rubs, and grilling doesn’t; the high heat would char most of these preparations before cooking is complete, instead of slowly caramelizing them the way barbequing does.

What makes a grill a barbeque, versus a regular grill?  How can I tell if a grill can barbeque food too?

Char-Griller 16620

Char-Griller 16620

You can usually grill on a barbeque, but can’t always barbeque on a grill.

Propane burners are indicative of a grill, whereas charcoal- and wood-chip-fuelled grills with enough space and proper lids can be suitable for grilling and barbequing.  

Some barbeques also have rotisserie options, to cook and slowly rotate (via a motor) chickens, turkeys, leg of lamb, etc.

If a grill has a lid, runs on wood chips or charcoal, and can cook food with a “low and slow” approach, it can barbeque.  Most sellers will specify what a grill is meant for, so read product descriptions carefully to determine if a grill can handle your barbeque needs.  

Keep in mind that, just because a description or title says “BBQ,” that doesn’t make it so; sellers and some manufacturers use the terms interchangeably, too, and don’t know or care that there’s a very real difference.

Is there a difference between smoking and barbequing?

No; smoking is a barbeque process, one that can be attained a few ways and to different degrees, depending on what you’re cooking and your personal tastes.

Whenever your barbeque, you’re technically smoking the food—using low, indirect heat from coal or wood to cook food.

That said, smoking usually:

BBQ Grill Charcoal

BBQ Grill Charcoal

  • happens in/because of a smoker or firebox, which can be a separate machine, or attached to a barbeque grill.
  • uses temperatures below 200 degrees Fahrenheit to cook food even more slowly than barbequing, which occurs somewhere in the 200-250 degree range.

During standard barbequing, you need to stir your coals or add more wood, occasionally, by lifting the lid to poke around.  If you do this too much, your food becomes overexposed to the air while cooking, and can dry out.

When using a smoker, though, you don’t have to remove the lid; the heat can be controlled from an external source.  For this buyer’s guide, we’ll focus on barbeque grills, some of which have smoker attachments, but are not meant for exclusive smoking.

Just curious: where did the term “barbeque” come from?  Which spelling is correct: barbeque, barbecue, BBQ, or Bar-b-que?

Landmann 590131

Landmann 590131

The exact origin of the word isn’t known, but etymologists believe it derived from the Spanish word “barbacoa,” which was first recorded by explorers in the 1400s.  

They found the indigenous peoples of Haiti using a wooden grilling system over an open fire.  The smoke gave the meat a unique flavor Spaniards previously hadn’t encountered.

There are many different ideas of where the word originated before that, but no real agreement on the proper spelling:

  • Barbeque: French variation of the word; used in English-speaking countries, as well.
  • Barbecue: standard English spelling and closest to original etymology.
  • BBQ: abbreviation.
  • Bar-b-que, -cue, -q, etc.; stylized spellings commonly used in businesses.

So which way is the right way?  English experts say barbecue, but BBQ and barbeque are the most popular variations overall.  In the end, it doesn’t matter—just as long as your food’s smoky, hot, and delicious.

Top 5 Best BBQ Grills Under 500 Dollars

1. Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler 635 Square Inch Charcoal Grill/Smoker Review

If you’re looking for a grill that can do it all—regular grilling, barbeque, and smoking—the Char-Griller Wrangler can deliver.  It features an airtight lid for proper smoke retention, a must when barbequing, and has an adjustable rack and firebox to customize your cooking times and temps with ease.  

With over 400 inches of primary grilling space (and another 200 on the warming rack), it’s big enough for most gatherings, tall enough for ribs or whole chicken, yet light enough to wheel around the patio without straining your back.


  • Runs on charcoal and can be used as a traditional grill, barbeque, or smoker depending on need.
  • Airtight lid with flange and heat gauge.
  • Made of heavy gauge steel; durable.
  • Adjustable grate and firebox to control heat/cooking time.
  • Cast iron grates.
  • 3 shelves (side, front, and bottom) for workspace.


  • Grates are not coated and will require re-oiling to prevent rust.

It’s unlikely you’d find a more durably built three-in-one setup like this for the price Char-Griller’s asking.  For BBQ masters who want all their options in a single grill, the Wrangler is the ultimate budget-friendly option.  

While it requires some maintenance—as all grills do—proper care could keep your grill in shape for 10 years or more, making the price incredibly worth it.

2. Round Kettle Charcoal Barbecue Grill, 18” from Imperial Home Review

For a back-to-basics approach, consider this kettle-style charcoal grill from Imperial Home.  It’s large enough to feed four to six people, features removable legs for storage, and has a heavy-duty body but lighter lid for a blend of strength and ease of use.  

While it lacks the ability to smoke food properly, it can get the job done with basic grilling and barbequing.


  • 18-inch diameter.
  • Stamped steel is strong (although not the strongest; good for budget grills).
  • Runs on charcoal.
  • Chrome-plated grate for easier clean-up and less maintenance.
  • Legs are removable for storage/transport; good for camping or tailgating.


  • Better for grilling than true barbeque; users will have to stoke coals frequently to maintain/adjust low heats for longer periods barbeque requires, which can dry out food.

This isn’t the fanciest grill on the market, but it’s great for budget shoppers who need a standard charcoal grill and don’t want to pay extra for superfluous features they won’t use.  It can handle barbeque, but we recommend it most for traditional grilling.

3. Best Choice Products BBQ Grill Charcoal Barbeque Cooker/Smoker Review

Another does-it-all setup, this model from Best Choice Products has a strong steel charcoal grill and smoker, with a sizeable firebox right beside it, so you can utilize the indirect heat of your fuel and adjust it as needed, without lifting your main grill’s hood—which translates to succulent, juicy meats that won’t dry out with every check-in or stoke.


  • Rust-resistant steel body and attractive wooden handles.
  • Attached firebox is sizeable; features damper to adjust heat.
  • Shelf on front of grill, lower shelf, and two wheels on cart.
  • Adjustable chimney and temperature gauge in lid of grill.
  • Over 400 total square inches of cooking surface area with 240 inch warming rack.
  • Available with a metal or wooden shelf attachment on front.


  • 60-day warranty; most grills have a minimum of 1 year, up to 5 years (occasionally more).

Other than its short warranty period, the Best Choice is…well, a great choice.  It has all the features a barbeque grill requires, but comes in at a price far cheaper than similar models.  

With a generously sized firebox, you can smoke just about anything that will fit in the grill chamber—and let it cook as low as you want for as long as it takes, without once lifting the main lid to disturb it.  

It might not be big enough for some needs, however, so if you plan on barbequing whole racks of rib or entire animals, you’ll need something much roomier.

4. Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker Review

The Kamado Kooker doesn’t look like much at first (and has terrible spelling we find more obnoxious than clever), but it does have some pretty impressive features that make it worth consideration.  It’s designed to grill, barbeque, and smoke all in one compact machine.


  • 314 square inches of grilling surface area; 133 square inches warming rack (447 square inches total).
  • Design is insulted and requires less charcoal and less stoking.
  • Cast iron grate; 22 gauge steel body, powder-coated exterior and porcelain-coated interior for easier clean-up and better resistance to rust.
  • Wheeled cart with lower shelf; 2 foldable side shelves.
  • Heat gauge in lid and top and bottom dampers (numbered for easier tracking).
  • Lid locks for transport/storage.


  • Small; makes about 4 servings at once.
  • Still affordable, but pricier than similar models due to coatings, double-damper system, and insulted design; worth it for some buyers.

We don’t recommend this model to frequent party hosts—it’s just not large enough to feed a crowd—but for families and individual use, it’s pretty perfect.  The double-damper system and adjustable features let you grill meat with a perfect sear, or slowly smoke it to barbequed perfection.  

5. Landmann 590131 Black Dog 28 BBQ Charcoal Grill, 506 Square Inch

As the most expensive of the models featured in this guide, the Landmann doesn’t come with a bevy of extra features like a rotisserie, but it does offer extra surface area for larger parties, adjustable charcoal trays, and easy access to the fuel with a cabinet smoker, instead of a side option.  

It’s constructed with heavy-duty steel and features 4 wheels, which will make its hefty weight less of a burden.


  • 506 square inches surface area.
  • Adjustable grates with crank to move charcoal closer to/further from the food.
  • Large vent system to control heat in a wider range than some models.
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates.
  • Front cabinet doors are large for easy access to your heat source; stoke without lifting lid and drying out food.
  • Slide-out ash catcher is extra large and simple to remove/clean.


  • 102 lbs.; fairly heavy, although it does come with a 4-wheeled cart (two large, two small casters).

The Black Dog can grill, slow cook, and smoke just like any other 3-in-1, but does so in a less conspicuous package.  Buyers who balk at the higher price should remember they’re getting more square inches and a very sturdy, heavy grill that can stand up to the elements better than many bargain models.

To Conclude:

Barbequing requires a special grill to do the job justice, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a special price; budget barbeques certainly exist, quite a few of which boast top-tier features you’d find on $1,000+ grills.  The most important factor when choosing a barbeque grill is its size, durability, and proof that it is, in fact, a true barbeque.

The Best Pellet Grill For The Money of 2019

Are you searching for the best pellet grill for the money? Are your tired of using the grills that don’t work properly?  Worry no more because in this article you are going to know about the top 8 best pellet grills for the money. Every one of them specializes in catering your needs.

So, why don’t you start preparing for the feasts you always want to arrange? Gather your friends and families and have a barbeque in your yard with the perfect smoke and environment. Get ready for eating the most delicious, tender and juicy grilled food that will provide your taste buds a memorable experience. 

So, it’s time to stop thinking about which pellet grill to buy because we have the top best eight pellet grills for you that specialize in completing your cooking needs.

Just choose the one that is up to the mark of your needs. Let’s have a look at our list to know which one is better of them all.

Top 8 Best Pellet Grills For The Money

1. REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill Review

This smart featuring grill technology RRC wood pellet grill is easy to use, and it can maintain a temperature between 180ºF to 500ºF in seconds. The high quality best pellet grill for the money is made from the latest technology that caters all your needs for cooking and grilling the food you love.

The latest technology maintains the temperature of the pellet throughout of the cooking. The automatic heating of the pellet makes your work easier than before. Now enjoy grill food on hiking and camping by taking this pellet with you because it is easy to take the grill from one place to another.


  • Spacious and large for cooking.
  • The interiors and exteriors of the pellet grill are functional.
  • Reliable and durable for long term use.
  • It is easier to use and for cooking food in less time.
  • It is portable, durable and sturdy which ensures that it is the best-quality cooking grill.


  • Its accessories are costly and can be a burden to the wallet of some people who like to buy a grill at an economical rate.
  • Sometimes, the grill pellet is unable to reach the highest temperature for cooking ribs and steaks.
  • The accessories of this grill can be costly to buy, and it can take some time to arrive at the most top or peak heating temperature of the grill.

2. Camp Chef Pellet Grill PG24 Deluxe Review

The camp chef PG24 deluxe pellet grill is known for its high-end performance that no grill can match. It comes with a lot of benefits that grill overs can enjoy during their lunch and dinner.

Moreover, it makes the cooking experience more enjoyable by providing a tender and juicy food at such a high temperature with constant heat that makes the food efficiently. It can cook an extensive range of food options for catering the needs of your taste buds.

You don’t need to check the heat and temperature of the grill, again and again, it can maintain the temperature on its own.


  • The stainless steel makes the food nonstick to prevent burns on it.
  • It comes with the latest technology of a LED system to control the temperature easily.
  • Spacious for cooking large meals and arranging big feasts with a 560cube inch area to prepare any food you desire to eat.
  • The grill is easy to clean because of the area built inside that catches all the grease and prevent rusting of the grates.
  • The pellets can be used effectively for even cooking food like steaks and ribs.


  • The camp chef PG24 comes with a disadvantage that can be a problem for some people who does not have a high-power range to start up this pellet grill as this grill requires high power for getting the start and ready to use.

3. Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Grill Review

The Traeger junior pellet grill comes with an auger at the bottom of the grill that makes the grill hot enough in seconds for ready to use. The pellets can get quickly burning up with heat to create enough smoke to make your food barbequed in smoke by adding the flavors and taste of the grill.

It comes with a 3-year warranty, and even the companies cover the cost of in case of any malfunctioning. Enjoy the endless flavors by cooking your favorite ranges of food in this best junior elite grill.


  • It is easier to use the ad for setup. It can take a minute to set this whole grill for cooking.
  • The grill provides the easier cooking that will end up your difficulties that you face after grilling food. Stop worrying about the grease on the grates; it’s easy to clean in this Traeger grill.
  • It comes with easily managed temperature and heat that you can change on your demand.
  • Spacious and large for a cooking meal for many persons at the same time.


  • The grill can take some time to reach your required temperature.
  • It requires an extensive range of electricity for its startup. It also consumes a lot of electricity that can be a burden on your bills.

4. Green Mountain Grills Davy Pellet Grill Review

The new Green mountains pellet grill has come with the technology of attached WIFI system. The grill is portable, and it can easily be taken from one place to the other. It covers a small area in your car so you can put it in the back of the car without any worry.

In this large grill, you can cook food for 5 to 7 persons at a single time. It brings something new, and that is the WIFI enabled a system that connects to your phone. Now, what is this feature for?

This feature is used to turn off and on the machine. You can sit inside with your family while it will make the food for you. You can check the temperature on your phone quickly.


  • WIFI enabled features to control the temperature of the grill.
  • The grill is portable, and you can easily take it from one place to another.
  • Get connected to your friends and family by the WIFI enabled grill that can cook food for you even in the mountain areas where even the signal gets weak.
  • It comes up with extra space for setting your utensils and different types of sauces to enjoy the meal.


  • The grill can be difficult to clean because of its high temperature the grease can stick to the grates below.
  • The WIFI feature first needs to be a check that is it compatible with your phone. In some phones, the WIFI feature does not appear.

5. Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill Review

The pit boss pellet grill comes with the full temperature and cooking rage for making multiple foods at a single time. The 700sq inch provides a wide area where grill lovers can easily cook a large amount of food for a minute.

The pellets are made from the natural hardwood that is durable and can be used for years. Enjoy the iron cooking surface of the grill that ensures nonstick food. It is easy to use and for start-up.

Even those who are starting to grill for the first time can enjoy the grilling experience without no worry.


  • The grill is portable and easily balanced for ease in cooking.
  • The large and spacious area for food ensures effective and efficient cooking for friends and family.
  • It is easy to setup and ready to use for starters.
  • It does not require cleaning after cooking. Just wash the greasy trays that are at the bottom.


  • It consumes a high level of electricity that can be a burden on your wallet at the time of paying electricity bills.
  • It takes the time to reach the desired temperature you require.

6. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30LUB Review

The Traeger pellet grills with the natural organic system are one of the finest grills to have. It comes up with so many features to add value to the buyer’s desires for cooking enjoying the grill food.

By the latest technology, you can quickly and digitally monetize the temperature and heating system of the grill. The grill is portable and easy to move from one place to another.

By just pressing a button, the whole grill gets automatically start and ready to use in seconds. The grill can cook 8 to 9 large burgers at a single time for large families and get together.


  • The natural organic pellet grill adds up the best flavors of smoke to the food that will make your dinner or lunch one of the most enjoyable meals of your life.
  • It is known globally for its finest barbeque cooking.
  • It can easily cook large foods in minutes by the high temperature the grill makes in seconds.
  • The grill does not require a lot of cleaning which makes your cooking experience more accessible and enjoyable.


  • High temperature can damage the surface of the bottom.

7. Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill Review

Camp chef woodwind comes with the latest smart smoke technology that produces the desired heat and smoke to tender up the meat and other food items. You can cook anything up to your desire under the best 160° F up to 500° F.

So if you are searching best pellet grill for the money search no more because it comes with many exceptions and it is a master piece itself to make your lunch and dinner memorable.

The vast 570sq inch area for cooking your favorite food adds value to the price you pay. Now get ready for preparing large feasts and enjoyable grilled lunches and dinners for your families and friends.


  • It comes with the latest smart smoke technology to smoke up your desired food and add tender and taste to cater your taste buds.
  • The grill is easy to clean after grilling the foods you love.
  • It is durable, reliable and stable.
  • The portable camp chef comes with a sear box that makes the temperature at a high value.


  • The grill has no advanced feature of an enabled WIFI like in the other grills that are at the same price.
  • The grill accessories can be expensive.

8. Pit Boss Pellet Grill Review

The Pit Boss best pellet grill for the money consists of original hardwood pellets. Through the digital setup, one can quickly setup the grill in seconds. The heating temperature of the system goes up to 500 degrees to heat and smoke up all your favorite foods.

It comes with varied uses like you can use it for even baking and roasting too. Now you can even make your favorite cakes and sweet dishes with the grilled meat and chicken.

The Pit Boss is spacious because of its large space that is 820sq inch which allows you the maximum space for grilling and making a barbeque for your friends and families.


  • It gives you an extra space for maximum grilling.
  • The stainless steel comes with the best quality that allows you to cook and grill food without any tension of the burns on the food. The stainless steel is nonstick that helps you take more efficiently.
  • The pellet grill is easy to set up and use.
  • It is a powerful and robust grill that ensures durability.


  • Pellets are the other accessories of the grill are expensive.
  • It can be heavier for traveling purposes.


We have tried our best to review the top 8 best pellet grills for the money. Every one of them is a masterpiece itself that comes with advanced features to cater your grilling needs.

However, the Camp Chef Pellet Grill PG24 Deluxe is recommended most of above. It is one of the most professional use grills for doing barbeque and smoking up other foods you desire to eat.

The Best Charcoal Grill Under $100 (Year 2019)

You must be aware of the fact that summers are incomplete without having lavish bbq parties with friends and family. Summer season is already here. So, are you planning for such parties? Though there are plenty of convenient ways innovated to cook food for outside gatherings. There are few options for electricity and gas facility too.

However, you will agree that no one can beat the taste you can get from charcoal grills. Using a charcoal grill for bbq party don’t only gives fun time, but also makes you able to enjoy the awesome taste of smoked and perfectly cooked food. We’ll introduce you some of the best charcoal grills under $100 to make the BBQ party easy on the pocket.

You must consider different factors before buying charcoal grills. You would have to compromise for one factor over another. That’s fine too. However, the price is a thing that usually gets the highest priority among all factors. So, here to ease your problem, we will discuss best charcoal grill under $100.

Top 8 Best Charcoal Grill Under 100

1. Lodge L410 Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill

This charcoal grill from Lodge firm is manufactured by using cast-iron. Its cast-iron grills are pre-seasoned to prevent rusting for a long time. Its dimensions measure 19 inches by 10-1/4 by 8-1/4 inches that are capable of accommodating a small group. It comes with adjustable tempers at two different heights. It helps to increase or decrease the temperature in the grill.

This grill also contains removable draft door that adjusts the heat inside the grill. This feature can offer you multiple cooking options. There is another flip door at the back side of the grill to access coals easily.  

Additional features include handle for convenient carrying, and built-in-shelf to keep other utensils during cooking. The grills are highly sturdy and made in hibachi-style. As far as its cost is concerned, it is a bit costly as compared to other products in the list. But, seeing all its features, it still worths your money.


  • This grill can save your fuel, because of the option of accessing fuel through its back flip door.
  • It is easy to maintain because of its removable parts.
  • It can be carried easily anywhere. Whether, it is your patio, camping trip or any bbq party.
  • It takes very little space because of its appropriate size.


  • As it is made up of cast-iron, its grill can get rusted if kept without proper seasoning.
  • Cleaning it can be slightly difficult, because of the absence of enamel.

This Lodge’s charcoal grill offers portability, good quality material, ease of use, a different cooking option through varying temperature and fuel saving feature. Though the price is a bit high, if the quality is your highest priority, then you should go for it.

2. Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber 741001

Weber 741001

This Weber made charcoal grill is kettle type grill that is particularly famous for its portability and simplicity. Weber 741001 Original Kettle grill offers a total area of 363 square inches for cooking. It can provide enough food for a small family.

It’s cooking grate is made up of plated steel with the diameter of 22 inches. The size dimensions of this charcoal grill in 22 x 25 x 38.5 inches. It ensures indirect smoke with increased heat with the help of its air tight lid.

You can clean it very easily. It contains aluminum ash catcher for this purpose. Its bowl and lid are enameled with porcelain material. This is the reason it can endure high heats and rough handling.

It contains glass-reinforced nylon handles to provide ease of carrying it. It is probably the most expensive grill among your budget.


  • It is very easy to clean with only a single touch, because of its aluminum ash tray.
  • You can carry the grill easily anywhere through its nylon handles and light-weight.
  • It can offer high durability and heat endurance because of its steel plating.
  • It can offer you different levels of temperature adjustability through its upper and lower vents.


  • It can’t serve in large gatherings because of its small cooking space.

Having a reputable manufacturer for any product gives it extra importance. So this charcoal grill beside having this plus point offers portability, ease-of-use, and heat adjustability as well.

3. Charcoal Grill Weber 121020

Weber 121020 charcoal grill is one of the high portables charcoal grills. It contains unique style with handles. That is too easy to carry besides looking adorable.

Unlike common grills, it comes in rectangular shape cooking grate. It’s grill steel plated and offers 160 square feet area for cooking. It is unique in its style of tightening lids with its plated steel legs. That offers tension free portability. You can freely carry it anywhere through using one hand.

Its lid contains glass-reinforced nylon handles to protect hands during cooking. It comes with two adjustable dampers that assist in controlling air flow for the better cooking experience. Each damper contains three vent holes to attain desirable temperature.

It is made rust free and sturdy through applying porcelain enameling. Besides offering all features and manufactured by the renowned firm, it is quite low in its price as compared to other charcoal grills.


  • It is highly affordable charcoal grill with extensive features.
  • It can offer you more cooking space, because of its rectangular cooking grate.
  • No assembly is required as it is one piece system.
  • It can give you long lasting services, because of its heavy-duty grills.


  • It might offer you less cooking space.
  • As its legs are bit fragile, it can not carry more weight.

This charcoal grill is lightweight, offers different heat adjustments, looks adorable and easy to operate. All its features are available at a quite low price too.

4. Weber 1211001 Jumbo Joe Portable Grill

This product is again from trustworthy Weber manufacturers. That’s why this Jumbo Joe portable charcoal grill offers durability and high tolerance against heat and high temperature.

The cooking area is 18.5 inches in diameter. So, it is enough for a small family with short cooking time. It’s cooking grate is made up of sturdy steel material that lasts long even after enduring high temperature.

It comes with aluminum made ash-catcher and dampers. This feature ensures its one-touch cleaning process. You can simply empty the ash tray by simply turning it over.

There is no need to make your hands dirty through touching the ash. It overall size dimensions after it’s assembled is 19.75 inches by 20.5 inches by 19.75 inches. It also comes with glass-reinforced nylon handles for easy handling. As far as its price is concerned, you can get it at a completely affordable price.


  • It is rust-free and easy to clean because of its porcelain enameling.
  • Besides its large cooking area, it has very lightweight that makes it highly portable
  • It has two vents with enough sized holes to ensure optimum temperature inside the setup
  • It is highly stable charcoal grill setup, because of its lid locks and handles.


  • As it does not comes as a one-piece system. Therefore, its assembly can be difficult for you.

This charcoal grill contains almost all features that you might need to enjoy a bbq party of small group. The major plus is its lightweight and large cooking space.

5. Char-Griller 2-2424 Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller has very good reputation for making up to the mark charcoal grills, and the 2-2424 Model says it all. With it unique looks, it is a multi purpose charcoal grill.

Talking about its common uses, you will find it convenient and portable. It is constructed through using heavy-duty solid steel that ensures its durability and makes it able to withstand high temperature. It also offers an ease of cleaning it up.

As it contains removable ash pan, so you can clean it by taking it out. It’s cooking area is made up of cast-iron and offers 250 square feet of area for cooking.

It is a multi-purpose grill. You can either use it as a separate grilling system or can attach it with other with other barrels to make it Side Fire box. Besides its all versatile features, it is available in a very average price range.


  • It can serve the purpose of both table top grill and Texas style smoking.
  • Because of its adjustable style, it can be attached to various models of Char-griller barrel grills.
  • It offers enough size for cooking with its large cooking grate.
  • It is easy to adjust its temperature and to save fuel because of its feature to access coals easily.


  • It can be slightly heavy for you, as it is 39.4 pounds in weight.
  • Once you convert it into side fire box, you can’t get your table top grill back.

It is a unique style and good quality charcoal grill. If you want to purchase a multi-purpose charcoal grill in the average price range, then this grill should be your pick.

6. Marsh Allen 30052 Charcoal Grill

Marsh Allen 30052 is a portable small sized charcoal grill. It can easily cook the food of four people. The cooking surface this grill offers is 157 square inches.

It’s grills are made in hibachi-style with cast iron material. It contains adjustable grids, to adjust the temperature of heating of the grill. These grids are located at three different parallel positions.

Therefore, you can adjust the distance of coals with your food at three different temperatures. Additionally, its cooking grate also contains a wooden handle that makes them easy to handle.

Though it is an open style charcoal grill; there is the possibility of food to come out of it. However, to avoid this thing, the grids are slightly curved at upward direction.

It also contains two vents to control the burning rate of coals. It is available in a very nominal price range. You can afford it easily.


  • It can offer you the various cooking option with varying temperature, because of its three adjustable grids.
  • Though it is open style, very light in weight making it easy for you to carry anywhere.
  • It can be very sturdy and durable grill option, because of its cast-iron grills.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • It can be slightly difficult for you to clean it up, because of its rough surface.
  • As its material is cast-iron, it might get rusted if not seasoned.

With its lightweight, adjustable heights and low rates, it can be a good grill option for you. However, its drawback can be its difficult cleaning.

7. Weber 441001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber 741001

This charcoal grill is again Weber’s product. So, no doubt is left for its durability and high-quality features. This 441001 Original Kettle style grill is extremely portable with its 240 square inches of cooking area.

The cooking grate comes with steel plating, with the diameter of 18.5 inches. It comes enameled with porcelain to make it sturdy against high temperature. Its lid and bowl style gets tightly closed to store heat inside for slow and indirect food cooking.

It is made easy to clean through its aluminum ash-catcher and aluminized steel material. The size of complete setup is 18.5 inches long, 23 inches wide and 35 inches in height.

As it is made up of a renowned manufacturing company and also contains exceptional features and quality. Therefore, its price is a bit high as compared to those listed charcoal grills that are manufactured by other companies.


  • Webber is a very convenient to grill because of its innovative style.
  • It can withstand very high temperature and can last longer.
  • The grill offers high portability due to its lightweight.
  • It can give you a very good taste of your food, because of its traditional style cooking mechanism.


  • As the grill grates are not hinged, it might get unstable during cooking.
  • It assembly might take you enough time.

This charcoal grill can give you benefits of portability, heat adjustments, durability, and perfect taste. Though its price is a bit high, it’s exceptionally good features deserves it.

8. Cuisinart CCG-190RB Charcoal Grill

You have gone through the list of many charcoal grills, but this one will drop your jaws. This Cuisinart CCG-190RB Charcoal Grill is a unique grill among all.

It’s 14 inches chrome plated cooking grill offers 150 square inches of cooking space. It is extremely sturdy because of its enamel coated firebox.

Moreover, it contains dual vent system for temperature management and tight lids. Cleaning as well is easy. However, despite all these features, this whole charcoal grill system weighs only two pounds.

It can accommodate a small family easily with fast cooking. Like its weight, its price range is also the lowest among your budget.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cooks food quickly
  • It is highly durable, able to withstand high temperature.


  • Because of its lightweight, it might get unstable during cooking.
  • It is not good for large gatherings.

This one charcoal grill is suitable for all those fellows who need some seriously economical and lightweight option for their camping or other outside trips.


A charcoal grill is a magical thing that can elevate the fun and taste of your food. However, plenty of different options is available on the market. Here, we have discussed best charcoal grill under $100 to make your choice of grills easy.

You have seen different charcoal grills offer different features and buyers have to compromise on others. No one grill can fit for all types of users. Each has its pros and cons.

However, considering lowest weight and lowest price grill with good quality, Lodge L410 Sportsman’s Charcoal Grill wins, and considering extensive features and large size, Char-griller conquers the trophy.

Best Pellet Grills of 2019 & Buying Guide

Pellet grills haven’t been around for long, but they’ve certainly made their mark on the grilling community. They make use of a cheap, renewable fuel source and they make meat that’s got a good enough flavor to keep people coming back for more.

Since pellet grills haven’t been around for too long, though, it can be difficult to find a reliable source for information and reviews for the best pellet grills. That’s what we’re here to help with, though. We’re going to look in depth at the best pellet grills you can buy today – but first, we’re going to let you know why pellet grills are a great option.

So, what’s a pellet grill?

A pellet grill is the brainchild of Traeger Heating, an Oregon-based company that specializes in grills and other devices that make use of heat. The goal was to find a solution that utilized the excess sawdust from the many mills that had sprung up in the area. First, they developed a heating solution that used sawdust to fire up a furnace and keep homes warm. Not long after that, the first pellet grill prototype was developed.

While a pellet grill is known as a grill, a lot of experienced grillers refer to them as smokers because of the way the heat indirectly cooks the food. Because of this, and contrary to what you’d’ expect from any device that uses the name grill, pellet grills aren’t the best option for cooking steaks.

However, if you’re a fan of smoked food – turkey, pork, beef, you name it – then pellet grills might be one of the best options available for you.Pellet grills make use of a unique fuel source, which for many people is one of the reasons they’re so appealing.

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

Pellet grills make use of a unique fuel source, which for many people is one of the reasons they’re so appealing.

How does a pellet grill work?

Green Mountain Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are fueled using, you guessed it – pellets. A pellet is about as long as a pencil and as thick as a couple of school erasers; when moistened they turn into sawdust which is how they relate to the original concept of the pellet grill which used sawdust from mills.

Pellets are appealing for a couple of reasons that separate them from alternative grilling fuel sources, like coal and charcoal, which are both used much more frequently than the pellet.

  • ​Pellets, coming from a natural source, have much fewer additives and dangerous chemicals than you’d find in propane. This makes them appealing because you don’t have to worry about any contamination from gas smoke that might risk the integrity of the food you’re cooking.
    • Charcoal briquettes also contain additives that can be considered unhealthy for food, which further builds the appeal of a pellet grill.
  • Pellets burn almost entirely after their combustion, leaving minimal residue and minimal ash. This is appealing because it makes cleanup much easier, since you have less material to deal with after you’re done grilling – you won’t have to clear out old charcoal.
  • Pellets are also a great way to provide heat, so if you’re using them, you can modify your grill so it can become a heat source for your house, or any outdoor areas near your grill.

One might suspect that, since you’re using pellets that are essentially made from sawdust, that you’d have to deal with food that tastes extremely smoky.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case – in fact, some users of pellet grills report that their food is undercooked! This means you won’t have to worry about any toxicity from the smoke.

Why is pellet smoke unique to grilling?

The main reason that the pellet is considered a good fuel source for grillers is because of the fact that it combusts almost entirely, leaving basically no residue.

Pellets are also unique in the way that they combust because the hotter they get, the less smoke they release. This means that if you want to cook something quickly, you’re not going to over smoke your food.

This is great for people who want to bake food or do other culinary tasks that require you cook food at a high temperature – you can make things without having much more than a hint of smoky flavor.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker

Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker

This can actually be considered a detriment to some people who like their food heavily smoked. If you cook your food at a temperature lower than 250 degrees F, your pellets will produce an ample amount of smoke.

The smoke produced from pellets is light and mild, and this excellent factor makes it very difficult to over smoke your food.

However, this means that you also have to smoke for longer and at a higher intensity to reach the desired level of flavor.

Do pellet grills cook food the same way as a regular grill?

Memphis Elite Grill

Memphis Elite Grill

Despite what many advertisers say about their pellet grills, the units don’t cook food the exact same way that a traditional grill does.

Some would say that it’s wise to think of a pellet grill as something like a convection smoker – an excellent tool for providing indirect smoking for your food.

If you’re hoping to sear some steaks, you’re better off getting a different type of grill – a charcoal grill or a gas grill will better suit your needs.

This is because steaks require high, direct heat, which pellet grills can’t provide. It doesn’t matter how high you heat the air up to – you’re not going to be able to sear a steak without direct.

Many pellet grills come with an attachment or a replaceable device that allows you to sear your food. These still don’t provide a quality seat like a regular grill, but if you’re an occasional griller or aren’t too particular about your steaks being perfectly seared, then this won’t be a big issue. Otherwise, you might want to keep your steaks for a regular grill.

There are a few techniques that you can employ to make your pellet grill cook steaks in a similar manner to a regular grill.

  • Put a griddle or a frying pan on the grill and make sure the heat’s very high. This basically allows you to pan sear your steaks using your pellet grill.
  • This is great for creating reverse seared meats, which are a great culinary delight. To do this, you start by cooking them lightly with indirect heat, and then get the griddle or pan searing hot and finish the meat off by cooking them this way.

How do pellet grills work?

Pretty much all pellet grills work the same way. They have a digital controller in the console that’s similar to what you’ll find in a regular oven.

You select the temperature you want, using a separate thermometer that displays the actual temperature to gauge how close your grill is to reaching temperature.

Louisiana Grill Country Smoker

Louisiana Grill Country Smoker

Some cheap pellet grills have timers that allow you to set the heat for a certain amount of time. Much like a conventional oven, this allows you to cook food for predetermined times. This also allows you to walk away from the grill without having to constantly check your food.

Pellet grills have a rod that’s situated at the bottom of the box that heats up in accordance to whatever temperature you plug in. There will be a mechanism that feeds pellets into the box with this rod, and as it heats up, the pellets will combust.

Atop this area will be a metal plate that spreads out. Heat disperses throughout this plate depending on the temperature you’re cooking at. This surface is what you’ll cook your food on, but since there’s so much smoke present in the unit, you’ll find your food getting smoked faster than it will get seared.

What are the best types of pellet grills?

There’s a lot of difference in the quality of pellet grills you can purchase. There are certain things present in nicer models that will cost you extra money.

  • Some models have a thermometer that tells a machine to feed in more pellets in accordance to whether the temperature’s dropping. This saves you from having to reload your grill.
  • Some models have a button that allows you to increase or decrease the temperature by a few degrees. Once you’ve chosen your temperature change, it will feed more pellets into the grill or prevent the addition of more pellets for a certain amount of time.
  • Some grills have something known as a combustion cup, which catches excess residue and makes cleanup a lot easier.

These features, and more, are what you’ll have to decide on when purchasing your grill. Fortunately, we’ve outlined the best pellet grills that are on the market today.

Top 5 Best Pellet Grills Reviews

1. Green Mountain Pellet Grill Review

Green Mountain Pellet Grill

Green Mountain Pellet Grill

This grill`s pretty high up as far as grilling technology goes.

It has a timer, a thermometer that can be adjusted for easy temperature adjustments, and – believe it or not – has a wifi adapter so you can adjust your grill from afar. This also allows you to make sure your food’s cooking at the right temperature and doesn’t burn.

It’s big enough to hold a large turkey or a roast,  so size is no worry.


  • Has a wifi connection so you can cook from a distance and don’t have to worry
  • Good sized grill that can hold anything you’ll want to cook
  • Comes with temperature monitors and easy adjustment controls
  • Stainless steel grates and grill pan


  • The grill pan makes it difficult to cook anything with methods besides smoking
  • The price is fairly high.

2. Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker Review

Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker

Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker

Though pellet grills can be considered smokers anyways, this grill boasts an individual smoking compartment. It also has LED temperature monitors. It comes with an ash removal system to make cleaning your grill much easier.


  • Easy temperature adjustment allows for monitored cooking
  • The separate smoking compartment ensures that you can smoke your food excellently
  • Smoking compartment takes away some of the smokiness that normally smokes food when you want to grill it


  • The smoker might be considered extra weight for people who already use pellet grills for smoking
  • The grill plate is smaller than some other grills and can’t hold as much

3. Louisiana Grill Country Smoker Review

Louisiana Grill Country Smoker

Louisiana Grill Country Smoker

This grill also boasts a separate smoking compartment. It’s a smaller grill but it also has the regular temperature and timing bells and whistles to ensure accurate cooking. This grill has a special plate – an Arched Flavour Guard – that’s better for catching grease and improving the cleanup.


  • The separate smoking compartment ensures that you can easily smoke food
  • Timing and temperature LEDs ensure that you won’t burn your food
  • Cleanup is easier with the special flavor guard attachment


  • The pellet grill is generally considered a smoking device so the extra attachment might not be considered necessary
  • The flavor guard is an extra piece you have to clean

4. REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill Review

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC’s known for its Featuring Smart Grill Technology™. This grill Maintains precise temperature from 180ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments.


  • REC TEC uses a unique temperature monitor that’s not used in any other grills
  • The grill is extremely durable due to the heavy metal used
  • It maintains an extreme level of heat for a long time
  • Its large size allows you to cook quite a bit of food at one time


  • The size of the beast makes it quite hard to move
  • It’s a bit more expensive than other models on the market

5. Memphis Elite Grill Review

Memphis Elite Grill

This is another huge grill that’s very durable and built out of strong metal. It’s made of stainless steel so it’s easy to clean and it can hold quite a bit of food. This grill is extremely expensive – in the thousands of dollars – so it’s not for everyone’s budget.


  • This is a beast of a grill that can hold a lot of food
  • It`s not going to break down anytime soon because it’s built to last
  • It`s easy to clean since it’s made from stainless steel
  • This grill has good timers and thermometers


  • This grill  can be a bit hard to move due to its size
  • The incredibly high price can offset people and completely put this grill out of many people’s range.

In conclusion

There’s a lot of pellet grills out there, and a lot of people aren’t even aware that they exist, let alone which one they should choose.

Each pellet grill has a number of similar features and functions, but the individual features are what separate them from the others. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you make the right decision.

Best Boat Grills of 2018 & Buying Guide

Grilling is nothing new to Westerners. It’s become more than just a way to cook food and provide delicious flavor and consistency to meats, seafood and vegetables – it’s become a lifestyle. A person and their grill are, at times, inseparable.

What do you do if you want to take your grilling out on the open water? Fishing is just as important of a hobby and a pastime as grilling, but in a lot of cases, this means that you have to leave the grill on the mainland, or get a little baby grill that’s hardly going to be sufficient for your grilling needs.Fortunately, there’s a type of grill that’s made just for fishers and marine lovers alike. We’re here to review some of the best boat grills, so you don’t have to make the difficult decision of choosing one while you’re at the store.

Fortunately, there’s a type of grill that’s made just for fishers and marine lovers alike. We’re here to review some of the best boat grills, so you don’t have to make the difficult decision of choosing one while you’re at the store.

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