Top 44 Blogs To Visit If You Want To Be a Grilling Master

Top 44 Blogs To Visit If You Want To Be a Grilling Master

Whether you are a professional pit-master or simply enjoy grilling in the backyard, you need access to blogs that not only spark inspiration but give you the hottest secrets on BBQ cooking.

We will help to save you from searching through thousands of worthless BBQ blogs, by bringing you the top grilling and barbecue blogs that are worth following. To point you in the right direction, we’ve compiled the top 44 BBQ blogs that you should visit for the best tips on all topics related to outdoor cooking.

These blogs are not in any specific order as they are all worth checking out if you are an avid grilling fan.

Here are the top 44 grilling and BBQ blogs:

Top BBQ Blogs You’ll Need To Be Reading

Barbecue Bible

Steven Raichlen is known for reinventing modern barbecue by celebrating the ingredients that give grilled food its personality, character and soul. Aside from managing the Barbecue Bible blog, he has written over 30 books and hosts the popular TV show, Steven Raichlen’s project smoke. His blog is charred full of BBQ history, how-to guides and unique recipes from around the world.

If you want to stay up to speed on barbecue chefs and pit-masters, the Barbecue Bible has all of the news about Steven’s show and other well known TV personalities. His blog also includes helpful information on how to maintain your grill so it will run at maximum efficiency.

BBQ Dry Rubs

If you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing when it comes to delicious BBQ, the BBQ Dry Rubs blog will help you learn the craft of barbecue. The author, David Somerville even gives you a free grilling guide when you sign up for his blog newsletter. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level barbecuer, he shares his approach to the grilling classics.

For Weber grill owners, he has compiled a helpful list of resources on the BBQ Dry Rubs blog. All of his guides, recipes and reviews are organized in one place for readers to find what they are looking for.

Girl Carnivore

Boys aren’t the only ones who like to play with their meat. Kita Roberts is a bbq expert that showcases seasonal eats along with mouthwatering photography on her Girl Carnivore blog. This is a must read blog with much more than just recipes as you will be left wanting a taste! The Girl Carnivore blog is extremely easy to navigate and the content is targeted toward all levels of experience. The main page is separated by meat types including beef, lamb, pork and poultry. For those looking for grilling inspiration and a good sense of humor will be able to find simple recipes from steamed crabs to pulled pork cheese dogs.

BBQ Food 4 U

If you prefer watching the recipes come to life, the BBQ Food 4 U blog is full of instructional videos. The bright, fire design will immediately draw your attention as you scroll through the exquisite photos and videos. Jason King shares his handcrafted recipes inspired by his own barbecue adventures. He has a large following on YouTube where he houses most of his tasty BBQ recipes.

The blog is a collaborative community where people from around the world come together to share their love for grilling. Searching for dinner or cookout inspiration is as easy as looking on the main page for a dish that grabs your eye.

Big Wayner BBQ

Big Wayner BBQ Blog features thoughts, musing and tidbits of information from the BBQ world. The author writes about his passion for grilling with unique articles about his experiences. His descriptions of his grilling experiences are extremely detailed, making it effortless for others to experiment with new techniques.

You can follow Big Wayner on Instagram or subscribe to his email newsletter for the latest updates and recipes. This blog gives readers extra hints and pictures to ensure the meat is cooked to perfection. He even includes pictures of his ingredient line up to show what products he uses.

Dulcet Cuisine

Dulcet Cuisine is a speciality food company in Portland, Oregon that connects with their readers through beautiful food and recipes direct from their test kitchen. All of their recipes are extremely simple to follow with straight forward steps and descriptive pictures. Not only can you learn about a variety of tasty sauces, spices and rubs, but you can add new recipes to your arsenal.

The recipes are separated by meal type and they even have a selection of vegetarian recipes for those who love to grill but don’t eat meat. The content appeals to food lovers who enjoy authentic grilled meals with a signature twist.

Grilling 24×7

John Thomas is the master of DIY grill projects and shares his ideas on the Grilling 24×7 blog. He is frequently posting product reviews and easy grilling recipes to showcase his love for grilling and cooking. He lists straight-forward steps for crafting amazing dishes with pictures to guide readers in the right direction.

Tailgating for sporting events is a favorite pastime that has its own featured section for tailgate ideas. It details exactly what fans need to prepare to add the extra pizazz into their experience. The blog even gets into the details of how long you will need to prepare each recipe, so you have a clear idea of what to expect.

How to BBQ Right

The title of this blog says it all as it is written to help others better their grilling skills. With plenty of resources for serious BBQ lovers, this is a great learning tool for people who are new to the craft. With plenty of recipes for a variety of different tastes, you will surely find something to concoct when sifting through the How to BBQ Right blog.

The navigation is separated into meal types such as barbecue ribs, football food, steaks and side. All you have to do is click the drop down menu and find your desired food and the blog will populate a list of recipes to choose from.

Slap Yo Daddy BBQ

Among the top-ranked Kansas City BBQ societies, the Slap Yo Daddy BBQ blog may have an off the wall name but it is a huge database for recipes created by some of the top pit-masters. For avid competition enthusiasts, this blog also features stories from competitions around the world.

Whether you are preparing for barbecue season or want to learn more about famous grill masters, you will find a variety of topics on this BBQ blog. You can even find advice on wine pairing and grill selection when sifting through the blog articles.

BBQ Rubs

As the title suggests, this blog contains all topics related to rubs and seasoning but the fun doesn’t stop there. The folks at Killer Hogs share the best barbecue recipes ranging from chicken to desserts. They even have options for health conscious BBQ lovers in the low sodium section.

You can choose from their huge selection of rubs or simply pick out a good recipe to try on your next grill session. If you like instructional videos, they even have a YouTube channel linked to their blog to show you the recipes up close and personal.

The Kamado Evangelist

There are many blogs that list common BBQ recipes, but the Kamado Evangelist goes above and beyond for readers to grill, smoke and rejoice. For those who need extra help on the grill, this blog makes it easy to understand what it takes to master grilling techniques. The author, Kamado Liz introduces new techniques such as gashing and dry brining to give BBQ lovers new approaches to try.

If you want to learn how to barbecue on a Kamado grill, this is certainly the place to visit. The blog posts are formatted similar to an online course, teaching you all the way from the basics to the more advanced concepts.

The Meatwave

Joshua Bousel is spreading the Meatwave by sharing his summer grilling adventures with readers. He is not a professional food writer which makes it much more likely for readers to relate to his experiences in barbecue. The blog also features reviews on bbq sauces with his signature “meatwave” rating that measures the quality and taste of the products.

His blog posts are extremely detailed down to the techniques that he uses to keep squash from slipping through the grates and how he monitors the meat temperatures. If you enjoy a good story along with your bbq recipes, this blog is full of excitement.

Dirty Smoke BBQ

If you want to avoid biased reviews, the Dirty Smoke BBQ posts raw, honest reviews on different grills, accessories and sauces. Not only do they rate the products out of 5 stars, but they provide a full description of why or why not they are worth having. You will surely value the first-hand experience that gives you a good idea of how each product works.

The Dirty Smoke BBQ blog is also full of how-to’s ranging from grilled lobster to preparing for a BBQ festival. Whether you are grilling for family in the backyard or attending a competition, there is always more to learn by following Dru’s barbecue journeys.

Cave Tools

Learning how to become a grill-master doesn’t require professional training when you can learn from seasoned pit-masters. The Cave Tools blog features tips and tricks that are used everyday by the pros. This is the blog to visit for people who want to read straightforward, quick recipes without searching through paragraphs of nonsense.

It is quick to subscribe to updates that are delivered directly to your email box on the newest tips and recipe guides. With style suggestions for different states such as Texas and Tennessee, you are sure to find the information you need to appeal to any set of taste buds.

Owens BBQ

The owners of Owens BBQ have been passionate about BBQ and smoking for many years which led them to creating their own seasoning mixes and sauces. The husband and wife team blog about different products that make their lives easier and their BBQ tastier.  They offer helpful information on many different grilling products ranging from seasonings to thermometers.

Knowing about the top grill gadgets and flavors can give you an edge in the neighborhood with helpful tools detailed on the Owens BBQ website. They also feature a last chance section where you can score good deals on retiring items.

Patio Daddio BBQ

John Dawson keeps readers engaged by posting award winning recipes that are sure to delight your taste buds. He encourages readers to follow his grilling journey and share their experiences. You can navigate to his “Competition BBQ 101” post to learn about the basics of competition and gear that he has used to be successful.

Full of how-to guides and recipes, the Patio Daddio BBQ blog is an invaluable resource for anyone who owns a grill. If you are a Pinterest fan, John is constantly posting inspiration and links to new posts. He offers a full range of different dish ideas for virtually any type of meat that comes to mind.

Pirate Johnny’s

Looking for a trusted source of caribbean grilling recipes? Pirate Johnny’s offers resources for delectable and quick dishes as well as how-to guides on navigating the three C’s: caribbean, cuban and cajan. When you sign up for their newsletter, you will get frequent updates on new deals and casual recipes.

Pirate Johnny’s is based in Florida and offers caribbean sauces, rubs and seasonings for grill lovers around the world. Be sure to try a few of the ‘Best of the Bay” recipes that are full of mouthwatering success. Not only do they have delicious products but they aim to inspire others to grill masterpiece dishes.

Barbeque Man

Larry Gerber is a barbecue spokesman that is referred to by his fans as QMAN. His blog covers innovative cooking techniques for all seasons. You will find ideas for making great barbecue along with hints on how long to cook different types of meat.

Instead of experimenting on your own, you can reach your goal of cooking better barbecue by reading the guidance on the Barbeque Man blog. His insightful content is separated by two category buttons including recipes and hints. You can expect to find monthly featured content with new ideas to improve your grilling experience.

The Smoker King

Aaron Ralston is known as the Smoker King and posts only top notch grilling recipes for his followers. This is one of the top “all in one” barbecue blogs that covers everything from smoker recipes to sides and desserts. He also features grilling events from different areas in Texas.

You will find pictures and exciting content in every blog post and even some videos to demonstrate grilling techniques. The Smoker King blog accepts recipe submissions from readers but all writers are held to the highest quality standards. His sleek design fits well with the high level of professionalism portrayed in his grilling guides.

Just Smoked Salmon

If you are interested in smoking salmon and other types of fish, the Just Smoked Salmon has plenty of ideas to try. The bright blue design reminds readers of fishing for the food to cook on the grill. They also recommend the best smokers and unique barbecue products for producing the best results with seafood.

Not only will you find recipes that are exclusive to the Just Smoked Salmon blog, but you will be able to learn more about the history of different types of salmon. Introduce some variety into your arsenal of barbecue recipes by reading new recipes on this blog.

Big Green Craig

Craig is a grill enthusiast who loves to spread the word about his love for grilling. For massive cooking adventures, there are lots of tutorials to choose from on the Big Green Craig blog. While there are dozens of other amazing outdoor cooking blogs, this one has everything you need organized in one place.

Sometimes we all need some advice when adding to our grilling collection, Big Green Craig reviews all of the newest grilling accessories. His guides even include the untold tips and tricks for getting the best use of various products. The green navigation bar is separated between grilling products, events, pictures and recipes so you can quickly visit your desired area.

Grill Girl

Robyn Lindars has a strong presence in the barbecue world and keeps all of her followers updated with the newest BBQ trends and recipes. She has been featured in numerous TV shows and competitions for her amazing cooking skills. Follow Robyn’s outdoor grilling adventures by subscribing to her Grill Girl blog.

This is far from your standard barbecue blog as she is constantly posting unique recipes and inspiration. For the health conscious, the Grill Girl blog contains a stash of healthy recipes such as smoked watermelon gazpacho and Hawaiian grilled pineapple. Looking at the mouthwatering food photos will have you ready to fire up the grill and make magic happen.

Another Pint Please

With exquisite graphics and grill photography, there is no shortage of visual inspiration on the Another Pint Please blog. Mike makes it worth your time to visit his blog as he posts recipes for literally every type of meat you can think of including including duck, lamb, planking, turkey and much more.

He features Relatively Wordless Wednesday which is a weekly posting full of high quality photos to spark the interest of BBQ lovers around the world. For beer lovers, he has a bonus section with guides for home brew and the Backyard Brewing Society. You can learn about various types of high performance from his grilling fleet described in his blog.

Smoking Pit

The Smoking Pit is a world famous barbecue blog with a full range of cooking articles for all levels of grill aficionado. The motto of the website is “BBQ in HD” as every recipe and product review includes detailed pictures and cooking videos. When following this blog, you can expect to see expert content come out multiple times per week.

The ideal blend of barbecue and outdoor cooking content makes Smoking Pit a favorite read for those in search of cooking tips and techniques. There is no need to search through multiple drop down menus as all of the categories are displayed at the top of the page. Tackle your cooking challenges with ease and start cooking like the pros.

The Dutchess Cooks

BBQ enthusiasts flock to the Dutchess Cooks blog for advice on making barbecue fun and easy. The author, Hanneke Eerden has been blogging for years about her experiences and inspiration on the grill. She features a variety of hometown recipes designed for outdoor enjoyment.

If you enjoy making sauces from scratches for your grilling adventures, this is a great place to look. Hannake shares her background from the Netherlands which gives her a diverse approach to outdoor cooking. Ideas from southwestern burgers to grilled fish will give you plenty of ideas to try.

Girls Can Grill

The Girls Can Grill blog guides you in the process of learning how to grill, barbecue and smoke with the latest tips and recipes. With the top recipes and tips featured in huge color photos, you won’t have to look far for quality content. You will find unbiased advice on the grill type for your backyard cooking adventures.

If you have a specific meat type or method in mind, the blog features a search function to quickly bring you to the best recipe ideas. Both men and women can enjoy the amazing food photography and creative tips for grilling.

Mad Meat Genius

If you spending many afternoons outdoors grilling, you will want plenty of variety to choose from when it comes to barbecue recipes. The Mad Meat Genius blog has a recipe for everyone whether you prefer hearty dishes or simple grilled vegetables. They even review different BBQ restaurants and meat types from places around the United States.

The author, Chilebrown is consistent about posting every few days so there is always something new for readers to absorb. With such a huge range of recipes, you could choose a different recipe each day to impress your friends and neighbors. You will never have to take the journey of meat products alone with the insightful posts on the Mad Meat Genius blog.

Grill Junkie Guy

At times, grilling can seem more like an addiction and the Grill Junkie Guy will help you fire up your grill with tips and techniques from the pros. Every recipe is accompanied by a quick video to help you learn the methods explained in the both. The interactive approach engages readers to share their own obsession for barbecue grilling

At any level of barbecue experience, the goal of the GrillJunkie team is to make the process simple, painless and fun. They hone in on important grilling skills as well as the level of heat it takes to reach your desired result.

Cooking Outdoors

When getting started with outdoor cooking, sometimes all you need is a head start to know that you are using the right techniques. The Cooking Outdoors blog includes tutorials and step-by-step guides for all types of cooking including grilling, BBQ and dutch ovens.

Awarded multiple times by FoodSpots for being among the top barbecue blogs, Gary House writes exceptional content for all food loving audiences. His blog has a diverse array of product reviews, guides and recipes that readers trust for their outdoor experiences. From featured “Eat Like a Local” posts to family favorites, there is an abundance of useful tips on the Cooking Outdoors blog.

Cowboy Charcoal

Southern-style barbecue comes to life on the Cowboy Charcoal blog with suggestions on using smoking wood chips, barbecue sauce or lump charcoal for natural tasting dishes. Every recipe includes a summary of how many servings it yields along with the amount of cook and preparation time. There are also plenty of pictures for reader to reference when preparing the barbecue meals.

Signature ideas such as Cowboy grilled sausage and cast iron green chile chicken incorporate the use of Cowboy Charcoal products to create a delicious result. With the detailed instructions, it will be hard to go wrong with the delicious recipes featured on this blog.

Nibble Me This

Nibble Me This is an eccentric grilling blog containing recommendations on kamado grills, smoking, food festivals and BBQ competitions. With weekly updates, readers can get the latest news on Tennessee food festivals and brand ambassador events that are open for the public to enjoy. Even if you can’t make it out to the actual event, the detailed blog posts will make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Unique is an understatement as the Nibble Me This blog has bite-sized tidbits of grilling information that you won’t find elsewhere. Geared towards locals and food festival fanatics, the blog helps readers uncover the true excitement of the competition.

Your Daily Pepper

For the latest hacks on barbecue grilling, Your Daily Pepper is full of secrets from the expert pit masters. If you are reading to take on the challenge of new technique, there is lots to learn from the weekly blog posts. They focus on handcrafted ingredients and sauces so you can expect ideas on how to make your own instead of buying pre-made sauces.

When browsing through the latest posts section, you will find one of a kind images to represent the recipe ideas. For those who are tired of boring hotdogs or hamburgers on the grill, you will find random ingredients and ideas to get your taste buds tingling from this blog.

I Love Grilling Meat

With a team of barbecue-loving bloggers, the I Love Grilling Meat blog is a comprehensive library of grilling content. The topics range anywhere from smoking meat to questions about what type of grill to use. They even have curated features for different seasonal themes, especially during the summer which is everyone’s favorite time to grill.

Readers feel the warm tone of a secret community for novice and professional grilling without any restricted access. When reading the product reviews and tips, you will immediately notice that all of the information is unbiased and trustworthy. This blog is a one-stop shop for all information related to grilling and BBQ.

Wiley’s Championship BBQ

Wiley’s Championship BBQ brings world-class barbecue to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia as well as sharing their competition experiences on the internet. You can learn more about their story, awards and recognition. Not only do the Wiley’s own one of the best BBQ joints in Georgia, but they have placed many times in national competitions.

For tips and tricks from long-time pit-masters, readers keep coming back for the secrets and cookbook ideas from the Wiley family. The backwoods design reminds you of the trails in the country which is the perfect environment for grilling.

Extraordinary BBQ

Kevin Haberberger eagerly shares his personal secrets and grilling techniques to bring you closer to a professional BBQ level. His experience is admirable as a seasoned pit-master who has travelled around the world producing delicious barbecue recipes.

This blog is great for any level of experience as it includes a BBQ Basics section for beginners along with tricks for seasoned professionals. You can sign up for the Extraordinary BBQ newsletter to receive updates when new posts are added. No matter how many times you’ve cooked barbecue, everyone can find something special for their backyard grill sessions.

Man Meat BBQ

The Man Meat BBQ blog is the home to smoldering fires, smoked meats and flavorful experiences. This blog focuses on the true essence of barbecue for those who enjoy an authentic charred taste. If you want to learn how to cook hot smoked turkey, ham or trout without drying or burning the meat, this is the place to look.

Instead of seasonal BBQ dishes, they have blogs and podcasts to share the smokey joys of grilling all year long. The exquisite website design goes along with the author’s passion for professional grilling. Whether you’ve just purchased your first smoker or are a seasoned pit master, this is a great place to embark on your barbecue journey.  

BBQ Beat

If you appreciate grilled food, the BBQ Beat Blog incorporates a wide selection of cooking recipes and buying guides. There is plenty of selection when it comes to learning about new grilling products as they are separated into different categories such as charcoal, electric and gas grills. You can even learn about the types of must-have accessories and how to use grilling tools.

Along with straight-forward buying guides, you will find Youtube videos and podcasts with the latest in grilling news and how-to ideas. The author, Kevin Sanridge is a fellow BBQ lover and always gives his best when promoting American BBQ culture.

Girls at the Grill

Good barbecue doesn’t have to be confined to a men only hobby, Girls at the Girl brings the best of BBQ to women. Elizabeth Karmel is a well-known chef from the south that has written several books on grilling techniques and BBQ knowledge. Her blog is full of bbq recipes, desserts and sides that will get you ready for any backyard gathering.

Readers follow her “Words to Grill By” section as the Girls at the Grill blog reveals the secrets to flavorful barbecue. You will be ready for any season of grilling with Elizabeth’s tips on grill maintenance and meal prep. From cast iron butterflied chicken to grilled asparagus, her blogs offer a full suite of options for grilling enthusiasts.

Tasty Trotter

The Tasty Trotter team are innovators in the competitive BBQ world as they sell equipment designed for outdoor catering and grilling. They let readers in one the greatest pleasures of barbecue with their Hog Roast News blog section. Whether you want to learn about healthy grilling or pick up a few competition tips, this is the perfect place to look.

The blog posts featured on this website are full of expertise for beginners to learn about what to do and what not to do when cooking on the grill. They share tips for fool proof spit roasting and slow cooking to cook foods that will have your tastebuds standing at attention.

BBQ Island San Diego

Learn about barbecue from the top chefs without searching all over the web. You can experience the finest of outdoor cooking on the different outdoor cooking appliances sold by the BBQ Island professionals. They also manufacture outdoor kitchens to give you the full adventure for your backyard without breaking the bank.

With helpful guides on what to consider when buying a barbecue grill, you will learn about the different types of fuel and how they influence the taste of your good. If you need help deciding on what type of grill or smoker best fits your needs, you will enjoy the convenience of the buying guides featured on the BBQ Island San Diego website.

BBQ Central Show

The BBQ Central Show is a live internet radio show featuring the hottest topics in barbecue. Greg Rempe makes sure his listeners are up to speed on the latest news, stories and trends in the grilling industry with weekly updates. He stores all of his live show archives in an easy to access format on YouTube.

Not only is Greg entertaining on all of his podcasts, but he provides some awesome tips for competition and grilling in general. His content appeals to all audiences who share the same passion for barbecue foods. You can expect a no-filter sense of humor along with quality recorded content.

Too Sauced to Pork

The Too Sauced to Pork team is all about inclusion as they welcome new members to their competition BBQ team. This blog contains the latest announcements for the Memphis in May and BBQ Fest competitions. Whether you plan on becoming a member of the team or just spectating the events, you will find all of the important tips for attendees.

In addition to Memphis competition information, the Recipes section features authentic recipes that have been passed down for generations. Learn how to prepare a broccoli bacon raisin salad or stout braised short ribs with the step by step pictures and instructions.

Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt

Tom travels throughout Texas to find the best barbecue joints for both locals and tourists to enjoy. If you live in or plan to visit Texas, the Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt is a must-read blog. The author values great BBQ and offers his truthful opinions on dozens of restaurants and stands throughout Texas.

This blog is centered around people who love to enjoy delicious BBQ but it does feature a few simple grilling recipes. Anyone who is passionate about barbecue meals should be willing to learn the tricks of the trade. You will be ready for a sauce-filled adventure when reading through this blog.

Arctic BBQ

The Arctic BBQ blog is perfect for hobbyist grillers to learn about different types of equipment and tools. The author, Johannes writes down to earth guides on the best grills as well as reviews of the fuel and overall performance of the products. It can sometimes be hard to find this information so it is definitely helpful to have it all in one place.

Johannes shares his favorite recipes from around the world in addition to insights that he’s picked up along the way. Find out what has worked well and what hasn’t with a glimpse into his personal BBQ experiences.


Grilling is a passion that is worth exploring and uncovering new options for mouthwatering dishes. Add to your backyard fun or improving your pit-master skills can be challenging without the proper resources. With an endless sea of BBQ blogs online, we hope that you’ve been able to find at least a few good reads from this list to learn more about grilling and new recipes.

What was your favorite BBQ grilling blog?